Weekly Recap: December 12-16

Good morning from chilly Florida

Well, winter has finally arrived down here.  We’re waking  up to 40 degrees .  And it’s predicted to plummet to the low 30’s next week.  Brrrr!  Actually, it’s a nice change from 80 degree weather.  But thankfully short-lived.

With today’s post, we’re taking our annual holiday blogging break.  And will reblog (yes, that’s actually a word) the top 10 posts we’ve published this year.  I’m making that distinction, because the top 5 posts with the most hits are actually from past years, which says something about our readers access to the library of over 3200 posts in the past 11 years.  Links to those posts are provided below.

We plan to return at the end of the year with our 2022 ministry report.  Until then, we wish for all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.’

God bless,



Word of the Week: Contemplation




Why Can’t We Just Have Jesus?



Malachi 1



5 Gifts You Can Give



Break the Cycle




This week I’m providing 5 extra posts. Although these are written in years gone by, they were the top 5 posts in terms of reader views in 2022.  


#5  The Message of the Cross from April 2019.




#4 It’s Friday. But Sunday’s Coming!  A Tribune to Jesus Victory, from April 2012




#3 7 Names for Jesus in John 1 from October 2020




#2 This, Too, Shall Pass from May of 2018



#1 Attributes of God from A-Z written from Athens, Greece in August of 2018



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