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Word of the Week: Friendships


This past weekend Norma Jean and I have enjoyed the hospitality of our friends Aaron and Kristin Thompson in Castle Rock, Colorado.

We first meet Aaron and Kristin when we moved to Tampa in 2002 to work with the North Boulevard church. They were single college students. During our time there, they began dating, married, and sweet Molly was born. After moving to Colorado they gave birth to their son Caleb, a lovable, energetic little fellow.

Being with the Thompsons rekindles my appreciation for the need, joy, and value of good friendships. Continue reading

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We Need Friends

I’ve been thinking about friendships. Norma and I spent last week-end with our special friends Steve and Theresa McAllister. We’ve known each other since the mid 1970’s. They are “forever friends.” The kind that even though you may not see each other for a while, you can just pick up where you left off and have a great time together. Being with them just reminded me about the beauty, the joy and value of good friendships. Continue reading


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