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Is it Right? Or Just Seem Right?

In 1969 Frank Sinatra, who was one of America’s best-known entertainers, recorded a song that not only was a hit, but became his signature song, and a fan favorite, “My Way.”

“I did it my way,” embodies a rugged individualism. Right or wrong, the philosophy of “my way,” forges ahead through life with self-determination, self-will, and an egomaniac pigheadedness. Regardless of the consequences. A quick google search regarding Sinatra’s personal life might suggest the way of “My Way,” is not the best way. Continue reading


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Some Things Just Don’t Go Together

Unequal Yoke

The Old Testament Scripture told the Jews, “You must not plough with an ox and a donkey harnessed together” (Deut 22:10). The idea is that there are certain things that are totally incompatible with one another.

Most of us, at least in America, are not doing any plowing with animals, but we know some things just don’t go together.

Like Aluminum foil and microwaves.

Gourmet and “all-u-can-eat” Continue reading

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How To Let Your Light Shine


Floyd Hammer and Kathy Hamilton were honored at the White House Monday afternoon by President Obama.  Also in attendance at the ceremony former President George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara.

So who are Floyd and Kathy?  What did they do?  And why were they honored?  Continue reading


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