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Stewardship During the Pandemic

Recently one of our readers suggested that I write something about our stewardship during the COVID-19 crisis.

No doubt many of our readers, if not all to some degree, have been affected financially by the pandemic. Some have been laid off. Others lost jobs. Everyone’s retirement portfolios have shrunk a bit, if not a lot. Add to that, churches have not been meeting. So collections have not been taken. Continue reading


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What Sinners Can Teach Saints

Today’s Bible reading contains a parable of Jesus that is puzzling, perplexing and paradoxical.

It’s a story that presents a cast of characters that were all rascals. Yet Jesus uses it to teach a lesson to the righteous.

Take a minute to read Luke 16:1-13. Continue reading


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5 Principles To Remember on Earth Day

Earth Day 2015

Tomorrow, April 22nd, is Earth Day. From the first “earth day” celebration in 1970 environmental concerns have gained national attention and the movement has gained momentum. More and more companies are environmentally conscious. The “Go Green” slogan is familiar to us.

Why should I care about environmental issues? Soil conservation? Pollution? Recycling? Or the current concerns over “global warming”? Continue reading


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The Preacher’s Perspective on Earth Day


When we lived in Manatee County Florida, the Soil Conservation Department invited the area preachers on a tour of the county every Spring.

Most years I attended. I grew up on a farm and enjoyed seeing the local agriculture. The tour was interesting. Plus at noon they fed us a steak dinner with all the trimmings. Hmm, my mind’s a little foggy now, but maybe the steak dinner was the big draw. Continue reading


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Stewardship of Talent and Treasure


Rick Ashley, in his book Sinai Summit , tells the story of an American Jew visiting the land of his parents.  He went to visit the famous teacher Rabbi Chaim.  When the American entered the home of the Rabbi, he was amazed at the stark living conditions.  All that Chaim had was a table, a bench, and a little pallet.

Shocked, the visitor asked, “Rabbi, where is all your furniture.”

Chaim responded to his guest, “Where is all your furniture?”  Continue reading

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