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Friday’s List To Live By #52

The Bible is a complete book that provides “all things that pertain to life and godliness” (2 Pet. 1:3).

So, it should be no surprise there is a lot in the Bible about money, obtaining wealth, and the proper use of material possessions.

Today’s list offers 13 Bible-based suggestions based on how to be a good steward of money. Continue reading

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What Comes Between You and God?

“Money often comes between men and God,” wrote A. W. Tozer.

“Someone has said that you can take two small ten-cent pieces, just two dimes,” Tozer observed, “and shut out the view of a panoramic landscape. Go to the mountains and just hold two coins closely in front of your eyes–the mountains are still there, but you cannot see them at all because there is a dime shutting off the vision in each eye.” Continue reading


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5 More Things More Important Than Money

In his book “How Much Is Enough? Hungering For God In An Affluent Culture,” author Arthur Simon writes about Bryce and Ellen, “a couple in their mid-thirties. They have two sons and a daughter, and on Sundays the family attends church more often than not.”

“Bryce manages about twenty people in a medium-sized accounting firm. He receives a good salary and is on a path that he believes may eventually move him into a circle of company executives, so he goes to work early, often stays late, and usually works some on weekends. Continue reading

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5 Things More Important Than Money

This week begins the 2019-2020 college basketball season. Pre-season experts have dubbed Michigan State the #1 ranked team. Followed by Kansas, Kentucky, Duke and Louisville.

Last year’s NCAA Champion, the Virginia Cavaliers, are ranked #11 But their coach, Tony Bennett, ought to be ranked #1 in terms of character, priorities, and values.

Bennett did something in the offseason that few of us would ever do. He declined a “substantial” raise, so the money could be used to increase salaries for his staff and make other improvements to UVA sports programs. Continue reading


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How To Handle Riches

In recent years University Commencement speeches have been controversial. Either in terms of the speaker invited, as in the recent case of Vice President Pence, or in terms of the content of the speech.

However, there was no controversy Sunday at Morehouse College in Atlanta when Robert F. Smith, the Billionaire founder of the investment firm Vista Equity Partners delivered a shocking announcement. Continue reading

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Some Biblical Advice About Money

I recently came across this story about a Chicago radio station, WKOX, that several years ago created a promotion promising $10,000 to the person who could contrive the most outlandish way to win the money.

Jay Gwaltney, an Indiana State Sophomore, won by consuming an 11-foot birch sapling. Yes, he ate a tree. Leaves, roots, and bark. He staged the event by wearing a tux and eating from fine china, using sterling silverware from a candle-lit table. Continue reading

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Money Matters

MoneyMatters“When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life,” once said the 19th century Irish writer and poet, Oscar Wilde.  Then he added, “Now that I am old, I  know that it is!”

If the truth is known, this may be the feeling of many people today.  It seems that money occupies a part of almost every day.  We work to make money.    Save money.  Spend money.  Invest money.  Give money. Continue reading

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