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4 Ways to Deal with Doubt


Last week’s post, Don’t Let Doubt Sink Your Faith, prompted these 3 honest and sincere questions from a reader.

1) Are you saying that one can’t doubt their faith?

2) Are you saying that if we doubt that God won’t love someone who does?

3) Are you saying that if we doubt we are not people of faith? Continue reading


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How To Overcome Doubt


G. Campbell Morgan was a British preacher, scholar and author of the latter 19th and early 20th century. He had already dedicated his life to ministry by age 19. However, he developed some doubts about the Bible.

Morgan relates the writings of various scientists and agnostics disturbed him (e.g., Charles Darwin, John Tyndall, Thomas Huxley, and Herbert Spencer). As he read their books and listened to debates, Morgan became more and more perplexed.

What did he do?  Continue reading

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The Danger of Doubt

My Franklin Planner has a quote or motivational saying for each day of the week.  On this day is a quote by Arthur Golden who said, “A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory.”

We understand the need for faith and confidence when it involves athletic contests.  For a team to win, it must believe that it can.  For the team to be victorious each player must focus with confidence in their ability to succeed.  Continue reading


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