Helpful Links

Find a Church when Traveling

Steve Rudd’s Directory of Churches. This is my #1 site in locating a place to worship when we’re traveling

Churches of Christ Worldwide.  This is my backup choice when I can’t find anything on #1

Blogs By Brethren

Berksblog.  By Warren Berkley, a Texas preacher.  It contains a mixture of Bible comments. Quotes. Scans. And as Warren says, “Stuff.”

Ferrell’s Travel Blog.  Features Ferrell Jenkins information on archaeology,  comments on Bible lands,  and excellent pictures you can use with permission.

The Heaton File.  Published by Kent Heaton, who preaches for the Brooksville, Florida, Church.

His Excellent Word.   By Matt Bassford, a preacher at the Jackson Heights Church in Columbia, TN.

Jump Starts Daily.  Written by Evangelist Roger Shouse from New Albany, Indiana.  Almost 3,000 posts on a variety of Bible passages and topics.

Where to Buy Bibles and Biblical Study Material.

While there are several good sources for Bible-related materials.  Here are my first two choices.

Florida College Bookstore

Spiritbuilding Publishers  They also publish my Bible class curriculum The Family Bible Study Series, as well as some other class books.

Graphics and Powerpoint Templates

I’m often asked where I get my pictures and graphics.  Besides Google graphics, I basically use four subscription sources most of the time.

Igniter Media

Sermon Central

Sermon View

Story Blocks

This page will link you to several free sources

Information (Almost) Unlimited

Ferrell Jenkins Web Page.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, go to Ferrell Jenkins’s page.  It’s incredible with useful links, information,  news sources, web resources, Bible study materials, scholarly links, and more.