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Is God Sending Us A Message?

As Houstonians and South Texans are in recovery mode from the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, Irma is barrelling through the Carribean taking lives and leaving destruction in her wake. And now she’s taking aim at Florida

Following Irma is Hurricane Jose that is predicted to reek future destruction on  some of the same islands in just a few days. Continue reading


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Answering the Call of God

Called by God 2

When you’re a preacher you get some pretty interesting questions. Particularly from people who are not familiar with the church. One question received several times through the years, especially when we move, has to do with my “calling.”

“When did God call you to preach?”

“How were you called?”

“Did you feel called to move to Texas?” Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Providence


Does the Bible teach that God’s providence works in human events to care for His people and accomplish His purposes?

What is God’s will for our lives?

Do the unexpected events that occur in our lives demonstrate the work and will of the Lord working to influence our choices and decisions?

These are questions each of us will face, sooner of later. They each relate to our word of the week, providence. Continue reading


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How Can I Know God’s Will?


I was talking to a lady last week who was being evicted from her apartment.  She  expected the Judge to evict her in three days.  However, to her surprise,  she was given two weeks.

She suggested to me that it was God’s will.  God gave her an extra two weeks.  I’m not so sure that apartment manager thought it was the will of God for this woman to get two months of free rent! Continue reading


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What is the Will of God?

My posts on this blog are birthed from scriptures that I’m studying, thoughts I’m thinking, books I’m reading, people I’m associating with, or experiences that I’m going through.  This week I’m attending the Florida College Lectures.  So, most of what I’m sharing this week is a result of my thoughts from these lessons.

Yesterday Colly Caldwell lectured on  “The Will of God” in Puckett auditorium.  It was a lesson that really spoke to me.  Often we encounter situations in life and wonder, “Is this the will of God?’ Or we face a decision and ask, “What is the will of God?” Or something happens, either good or bad, and someone confidently asserts, “It was the will of God!”  Continue reading


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