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awesome totally

On our recent trip home from Florida and Louisiana, Norma Jean commented to me on the frequency of hearing the word “awesome” to describe anything and anyone.

Today everything is awesome. Ice cream. A nice shirt. A fun day at the park. Dunking a basketball. A blog. A sermon. I once had a server in a restaurant tell me “the meatloaf is awesome.” Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Word

Bible.Words.Collage“A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Really?  Says who?

Give me 1,000 words and I will give you:  Continue reading


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The Power and Potential of Words

David and Kristin were attending a marriage seminar.  During the session on communication the instructor declared, “It’s essential that husband and wives know the things that are important to each other.  He then addressed the husband and asked, “Do you know your wife’s favorite flower?”  David  leaned over, gently touched his wife’s arm and confidently whispered,      Continue reading


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