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Some Light-hearted Thoughts On Getting Older

KenBdayWell, here it is again.  My birthday!  When you’re a kid they can’t come quickly enough.  When you get to my, uh, well, a certain age, they seem to come too quickly!

Some of my favorite stories and quips come to mind this morning.

A census taker knocked on Marg Montgomery’s door. She answered all his questions except one. Her age.  Marg was adamant.  She wasn’t telling. Continue reading


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Reflections On Our Son Turning 40


When I turned 40, I recall my Mom saying, “I can’t believe I have a 40-year-old son!”  Well, it didn’t bother me.  Really!  I was still running.  Playing ball. Raising a young family. Feeling good.

Now the tables are turned.  I’ve got a son who turned 40 yesterday.  And I can’t believe it!  Why are we always surprised at these milestones?  Don’t we see them coming?  Or are we so busy they just sneak up on us?

But we are enjoying it.  It’s an opportunity to reminisce about the past.  Remember the good times.  And reflect on special milestones.  Important people in our lives.  And memories that live on! Continue reading


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Some Reflections on Getting Older

Older Couple Sitting Together at BeachYesterday was my birthday.   And this annual event has occupied my thinking a little more than in past years.

I have fluctuated between competing emotions.  For instance I have felt a little like the baseball great Ty Cobb, who played in a different era.  He retired in 1928 at the age of 41 with a lifetime .367 batting average.  When he was 70 a reporter asked, “What do you think you’d hit if you were playing today?”  Continue reading


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