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We Missed Church Sunday


Norma Jean and I missed church Sunday.

The winter storm Titan came across KCMO Saturday and Sunday with sleet and snow, making travel hazardous, and forcing many churches to cancel services.  Including our Church Family at Hickman Mills.

The whole day was really weird for me.  Being home all day. Missing worship. Not preaching. Norma Jean and I really missed assembling with the saints.   What did we miss? Continue reading

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Praise the Lord!

CIMG5654Robert Jackson used to tell the story about a man who showed up one Sunday to worship in more formal, liturgical church than he was used to attending. The church was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. That made it all the more obvious when this visitor got excited about something the minister said and he shouted out “Praise the Lord!” Continue reading


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The Thrill of Meeting God

        WorshipGodBack in 1990 Paul Newman came to Kansas City to film the movie Mr. and Mrs. Bridge.  His presence caused quite a stir in the area where he was staying.  It was reported middle-aged women were up walking their dogs at 7 a.m. because it was reported Newman walked his dog in the park early in the morning. Continue reading


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Ten Qualities that Identify the Spirit of Worship


Michael Catt was correct when he wrote, “If we are going to worship in Spirit, we must develop the spirit of worship.” Continue reading


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Worship Celebrates Christ

“The focus of worship,” writes Robert Webber, “is not human experience, not a lecture,  not entertainment, but Jesus Christ—his life, death, and resurrection.” Continue reading

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Worship is a verb.

It denotes activity and action.  It is not passive, but active.  Worship is something you do, not something that is done to you.  The word “worship” is really not defined in the Bible, but it’s described. Continue reading


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How Did You Celebrate Earth Day?

What did you do on Earth Day?  Anything special?  Ah, don’t tell me you missed it?!  It was yesterday.  Sunday, April 22.  Well, it was an important day for me.  Let me tell you what I did. 

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