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My 1955 Chevy–Ownership and Responsibility

Max Dawson, is a friend of mine, fellow Hoosier and preaching colleague.  Max is also a car guy.  He loves cars.  Every Monday he publishes a column he calls “Pontiacs, Points , and Proverbs.”  Each post is some story about a car with a spiritual application.

In response to one of his columns, Max asked me to write  about my first car–a 1955 Chevy.  This is from his facebook page on November 21st.  I hope you like it. Continue reading


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Must All Good Things Come To An End?

Today Norma Jean and I are leaving Indian Shores Beach after a wonderful two week stay.

Just over a week was enjoyed with our family for Thanksgiving. Plus we had a few days for some post Thanksgiving R & R.

I found myself thinking yesterday, “Well, all good things must come to an end.” Continue reading

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