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Psalm 95

A little boy once asked his father, “Daddy, what’s the highest number you’ve ever counted to?”

“I don’t know, son,” the father replied. “What’s the highest number you’ve ever counted to?”

“973,” the boy quickly replied.

“Why did you stop there?” the father inquired. Continue reading

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#GivingTuesday 2022

Today, #GivingTuesday celebrates its tenth year.

It was created in 2012 “as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good,” as stated by their web site.

It is prompted as a “movement that unleashes the power of radical generosity around the world. #GivingTuesday reimagines a world built upon shared humanity and generosity.”

Radical generosity? I like it. Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Benefit

Motivational speaker, trainer, and author Glenn Van Ekeren, illustrates the benefits of giving through the life of John D. Rockefeller.

Rockefeller, the founder of Standard Oil Company, was considered the wealthiest American of his time. Yet, it is said that by age 58 his life was a wreck. He worried that his success was temporary. Van Ekeren writes “He became sick physically, mentally and emotionally. There was no humor, balance, or joy in his life. Continue reading

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Don’t Be Like Your Dog

H. A. Ironside the Canadian born Bible Teacher, once told about going to a crowded cafeteria for a meal.

As he carried his tray looking for a table, every table was full, except for one with a single man sitting there. Ironside asked if he might join him. The man nodded and grunted something unintelligible.

When Ironside sat down, he bowed his head and silently gave thanks for his food. The other man asked, ““Well, is something wrong with your food?”

“No, it seems fine.”

“Well, do you have a headache?” the man persisted. “I saw you closing your eyes and putting your hands on your head.” Continue reading


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A Tribute to C. S. Lewis

On this day 59 years ago I was a Sophomore at Clayton High School in Indiana.

It was during P.E. that our coach interrupted our activities, to line us up and announce that the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy had been shot. In my next class, Bookkeeping, we learned that he had died.

I’m sure all of you my age and older remember where you were and what you were doing on that fateful day.

What I didn’t know was another man would die on that same day. Clive Staples Lewis, arguably one the intellectual giants of the 20th century and one of the most influential writers of his day died of natural causes. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Blessings

Howard Strickland referenced a survey by George Barna on the topic of blessings.

Barna found that 72% of Americans believed that people are blessed by God so they can enjoy life.

52% agreed with the statement that the primary purpose of life is enjoyment and fulfillment. Continue reading

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Weekly Recap: November 14-18

Good Morning from Indiana Shores Beach,

For the 6th consecutive year, we’ve been blessed to spent some time in November at this beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It’s a beautiful stretch of beach between Clearwater Beach and St. Petersburg Beach.  Breath taking sunsets.  Plenty of good places to enjoy seafood.  And a great place to relax with our family during Thanksgiving.

Since I have preached somewhere almost every Sunday this year, and am scheduled for all of December, I plan to taking a couple Sundays off.  Looking forward to some R & R and family time.  Also, we will  only be posting Monday-Wednesday next week, taking a blogging break Thursday and Friday. Continue reading

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BE the Change. BE the Light.

This is the fifth post of a new column we began, facebook Friday, where we share positive, encouraging messages from facebook.

When I saved today’s post several weeks ago, I failed to document the author of this piece, or on whose page it was posted. My apologies.

It’s short. But good. You’ll like it. Continue reading


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“Your Truth,” Or “The Truth”?

“I’m just living my truth,” is a phrase we frequently hear in today’s culture.

Sometimes we hear it on TV shows, during interviews, and on so-called reality shows. I’ve had conversions with young people who inform me regarding a religious or spiritual issue what is “their truth.”

They say, “That’s your truth. This is my truth.” Continue reading

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1Corinthians 12:12-31

An Army Chaplain tells the story of sitting in the Officer’s Club one rainy day. In fact, it was more than rainy. It was a storm. The winds were blowing fiercely. The rains were descending in sheets. Nearby, two officers’ wives were watching the storm through the big picture window.

Suddenly, through a flash of lightning, one of the women saw a soldier standing outside on guard duty totally at the mercy of the raging storm. “Oh dear”, she said, “Look at the poor soldier out there in the storm.” Continue reading

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