1. May I reprint your blog post in our church bulletin?

This is a often asked question, and the answer is “of course!” I appreciate being asked, but we are always happy for these posts to be reprinted and circulated to accomplish as much good as possible. Please reprint the post in its entirety. And we ask that in addition to the author attribution that you site the source as http://www.ThePreachersWord.com

2. May I reblog your posts?

If you are a WordPress user, it is easy to do and you are welcome to do so. Reblogging automatically fulfills the above stipulations. I would ask that if you are copying and pasting onto another web site that you request permission.

3. May I print posts from ThePreachersWord in our local newspaper?

Yes. We only ask that you reprint them in their entirely, unless you specially request permission to edit them. And of course, that you site your source.

4. May I use your copy your posts and use them as class material?

Of course! Obviously, we ask that you not reprint them in any form for a commercial venture.

5. Are your available to speak at our local congregation?

It’s always a pleasure and privilege to share the Word either in meetings, lectureships, seminars, or on a one day appointment basis. Our current travel plans may limit some places I can go, but check our schedule on this site and our contact information. If we can work it in our schedule, we’d love to come.

6. I understand you’ve written some Bible class material. Where I can purchase it?

My 4 year Bible curriculum, The Family Bible Study Series, as well as other class books, Transitions: Trusting God through the 20Somethings, The Challenge of Commitment, and Lifestyle Stewardship can be ordered from http://www.Spiritbuilding.com

7. Where are you located? Where do you preach full time? Where do you live?

Various versions of these questions are now the most frequently asked. On June 1, 2018, we began a new chapter in our lives, by moving from a local church work to a broader ministry. Currently, we are traveling and combining this with ministry opportunities. I joke that “we are homeless.” But home is where the heart is. So, we are always at home as long as we’re together where ever the Lord is leading us.  You can check our travel schedule to see where we are currently living.