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What Are You Posting Or Reposting?

Recently I had a conversation with a friend who’s a regular reader of ThePreachersWord.

He expressed concern to me about what fellow Christians were posting on social media. And not just what they were posting themselves, but reposting from others.

He noticed some were sharing posts that contained vulgar language, inappropriate pictures, unkind epitaphs, and uncharitable insinuations.

It makes you wonder if they’ve really read the posts they’re reposting. Or if they feel like since they didn’t originally say it, show it or post it, then it’s somehow acceptable. Continue reading


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Some Good Advice From The Chief Justice

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning as the Senate Impeachment trial of President Trump was concluding its first day, news media outlets reported a “contentious exchange on the Senate floor.”

CNN called it an “extraordinary moment” and “acrimonious” when the “advocates for both sides” failed “to maintain decorum during a highly partisan affair.”

At this point Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, who’s presiding, stepped in to offer this reproof Continue reading


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Rasing the Level of Public Discourse


The political pundits have more than adequately documented the nastiness during the Primaries of this year’s Presidential campaign. And some predict it will wax worse as we pivot toward the general election.

Over the past several years, we have witnessed a decline in civility and increasing coarseness in society. Vulgar expressions, barnyard humor, and pejorative terms have become the rule instead of the exception. But the guilt is not reserved for our politicians. Continue reading


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What Mr. Trump Should Have Said

Trump Kelly

Last Thursday night I joined 24 million other Americans and watched the Republican Presidential Debate on Fox News. While I did have two or three candidates that I was particularly interested in seeing, I admit I was curious what kind of fireworks Donald Trump would ignite! And it didn’t take long!

In the beginning Trump admitted that he would not commit to unconditional support the GOP nominee. Unless it was him! Then came Megyn Kelly’s question and Trump’s answer that people and pundits are still buzzing about. Continue reading


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