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Throwback Thursday: Happy Memories

If you’re on facebook, you know they care about your memories. They say so. And then bring up pictures of past posts for you to think about. Or laugh at.

This morning facebook reminded me of a wonderful memory from the above picture posted on May 12, 2013, in Lee’s Summit, MO. It was Mother’s Day. And it was one of our best surprises. Ever. Well, until Miles was born.

We had moved from Temple Terrace the previous year, and it would be the first time in several years that Norma Jean wouldn’t get to be with our kids on Mother’s Day. So, I decided to surprise her by flying them to Kansas City. Continue reading


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Being a Dad: Doing the Lord’s Work


Florida resident and Hall-of-fame NFL coach Tony Dungy have come under fire for comments he recently made at a press conference promoting fatherhood.

Dungy appeared with Governor Ron DeSantis who signed into law a bill with initiatives to support, encourage and assist fathers in the upbringing of their children.

Various speakers at the press conference spoke about the consequences of growing up without a father. When Dungy spoke he recalled a visit to prison with Abe Brown and seeing 19, 20, and 21-year-old kids. “How do those young boys get here?” Dungy asked Brown. Continue reading


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Passing On Our Faith To The Next Generation

Yesterday Bernie Sanders suspended his Presidential campaign ending his quest for the Democratic nomination.

Behind Vice President Joe Biden by some 300 delegates, Sanders admitted that the “path toward victory is virtually impossible.” However, while losing the vote for the nomination, Sanders claimed that his movement is “winning the ideological battle” and the support of younger people under the age of 30. Continue reading


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Don’t Forget About Your Kids

A Tampa toddler died Monday after her “very busy” father forgot about her and left the 18-month-old little girl in his jeep for hours.

The story made national headlines after the child was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

‘It appears it was a very busy morning for the family. They have several other children as well and in an effort to get everybody where they needed to go, the toddler was left in the backseat,’ said Steve Hegarty with the Tampa Police Department. Continue reading


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Honor Your Mother

Some of my generation may recall a piece circulated for years by an unknown author entitled “Top 12 Things My Mother Taught Me.” Here are a few of my favorites.

•My Mother taught me about ANTICIPATION…”Just wait until your father gets home.”

•My Mother taught me about IRONY…”When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don’t come running back to me for sympathy.”

•My Mother taught me about FARM LIFE..”This room looks like a pig’s sty.” Continue reading


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Is Your Home Spiritually Vibrant?

A recent Barna survey found that only 25% of “practicing Christians” live in households that they termed “spiritually vibrant.”

As a part of a new “Household of Faith” report Barna partnered with the Lutheran Hour Ministries and surveyed 2,347 adults and teens who claimed to be practicing Christian. Their goal was to determine how families practiced their faith together, and not just as individuals. Continue reading

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Fantastic Family Rules

Last night I concluded a meeting with the church in Madrid, Iowa. The brethren were welcoming and hospitable. They were very receptive to the lessons. And lifted and encouraged us.

It was obvious that they worked hard to promote the meeting and invite their friends. We had guests visit us every service. Some as a result of their advertizing. It was a week in which I felt like I received as much or more than I gave.

However, and other Preachers can attest to this, the best of meetings can be difficult to enjoy if your living accommodations are uncomfortable, cramped, or just plain unpleasant because of the conflicts within the family you’re staying with. Well, this was none of the above. Our week was made very comfortable and enjoyable by staying with one of the elders, Scott Chumbley, his lovely wife Amy, and their two sons, Jeffery and Edward. Continue reading

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A 100 Year Anniversary

This morning I am reflecting on an event that occurred 100 years ago tomorrow, July 28, 1918, an event that impacted my life. Literally. My father Roy Chester Weliever was born in Montgomery County, Indiana.

Dad was a part of the what Tom Brokaw dubbed as “The Greatest Generation” who “gave so much and asked so little.” He grew up working on a farm just outside of New Ross, Indiana. Living through the Great Depression, times were tough. But his values were formed and forged by his parents Fred and Flora Weliever that would serve him well throughout his life. Continue reading


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Meet our Newest Grandchild: Fern Legend Thompson

“You never know the love of a grandparent until you become one,” quipped an unknown author.

So true. But Norma Jean and I are learning. And learning quickly. Yesterday, we welcomed our fourth grandchild into our lives and  hearts–Fern Legend Thompson.

Fern is the second child of our daughter, Rachél, and son-in-law, Jared. Two and a half years ago they blessed us with our first grandchild, Roy, who is so excited to be promoted to big brother. Continue reading


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Ten Reasons Millennials are Backing Away from God and Christianity

“College-aged millennials today are far more likely than the general population to be religiously unaffiliated,” according to the Pew Research Center. “This is true when they are compared to previous generations as well.”

Furthermore Pew documents that millennials are the least outwardly religious American generation, where “one in four are unaffiliated with any religion, far more than the share of older adults when they were ages 18 to 29.’” Continue reading


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