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Ancient Advice For Our Current Crisis

Joe went to a psychiatrist for a problem that had plagued him for years– fear that someone was under his bed at night.

“Doc,” he pleaded, “You’ve got to help me. I’m going crazy. I can’t get a good night’s sleep.”

“I can cure you in 6 months,” said the doctor. “If you will come 3 times a week, I will rid you of your fears.”

“How much do you charge?” asked Joe. Continue reading


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It Takes Courage

As 2017 quickly is coming to a close, we are beginning to have reviews and analysis from various sectors of our society. Time Magazine recently released their person of the year. News outlets will feature the highs and lows of the past year. Recently The YouVersion Bible App released their 2017 Year in Review, which revealed leading trends in Bible reading over the past year.

Among their finding of various trends, they revealed the verse of the year that was the most shared, bookmarked and highlighted by Bible App users around the world. Can you guess what it was? (Hint: It wasn’t John 3:16). Continue reading


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Two Essential Qualities For Overcoming Obstacles

Heroes of Faith 

I recently came across these inspirational words from an unknown poet. They identify two great qualities Christians need in dealing with life’s challenges and overcoming obstacles.

It takes strength to be firm.
It takes courage to be gentle.

It takes strength to stand guard.
It takes courage to let down your guard. Continue reading

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Bruce Jenner is Not Courageous!


By now only the most isolated of people and the Amish, as reported by Jesse Watters last night, have not heard that Bruce Jenner is now a woman!

In the past several days Jenner has been lauded as courageous by most of the Hollywood elite, the liberal media and even the President of the United States. After Jenner changed his name  and sent out his first Tweet on his new Twitter account, President Obama retweeted it with this comment, “It takes courage to share your story.” Continue reading


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Dr. Jack Groppel is an author and internationally recognized authority in the science of human performance. He is also the co-founder and Vice-President of Human Performance Institute.

Groppel works with leaders of various professions to hone optimum performance in their respective fields. A few years ago he did an experiment in the swamplands of Florida that he videoed and uses in his seminars.

The first video was a training assignment for a group of NFL linebackers. They were to run through the swampy area about one mile away, touch a white fence and then return back to base camp. Groppel then added one final, important detail: a wild boar had been spotted in the forest that morning. He explained how dangerous wild boars can be and how they all needed to be on high alert. Continue reading


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