Psalm 19

“I take this [Ps 19] to be the greatest poem in The Psalms and one of the greatest lyrics in the world,” opined C. S. Lewis in his book Reflections on the Psalms.

Multiple commentators and authors laud Psalm 19 as one of the noblest and greatest examples of Hebrew poetry. I would encourage you to pause for a minute and read it.

The Psalm naturally divides itself into three sections all of which ultimately give glory to God, proclaiming His reality and affirming His everlasting existence Continue reading

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5 More Hindrances to Spiritual Growth

Over the weekend, I watched some televised track and field events. The competition was close, especially in the sprints. With some athletes winning by less than .05 seconds.

One thing I noticed is that none of the participants in either the running or field events wore jeans. No one had on a coat. None wore hiking boots.

Why? Continue reading

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5 Hindrances to Spiritual Growth

“Let Go of Whatever Makes You Stop,” is the title of a neat little book by John Mason.

The book identifies areas in life where we become our own worst enemy. How we sabotage our success. And get in our own way of moving forward.

This problem, however, is deeper than how it affects us materially, financially or professionally. It’s a challenge spiritually. It’s an impediment to growth. Continue reading

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Weekly Recap: May 22-26

Greetings from Beverly Hills, FL

In case you have missed one our posts this past week, this post serves as a recap with its convenient live links for you to catch up.

It’s also a good way for you to share ThePreachersWord with your friends via email or social media. In addition, we added a bonus post at the end. Continue reading

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Personal Work in Marriage

“Each person in a marriage has work to do on themselves,” observed Family and Marriage Counselor, Julie Adams. “I’ve not seen a couple yet where ‘all the fault’ completely falls on one person.”

Julie’s not only a facebook friend, but a friend in real life. She recently posted a short, but powerful piece regarding our individual responsibility in marriage.

Continue reading

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When There’s No Downside in Death

Tim Keller who was well known in evangelical circles as an author, preacher, theologian and Christian apologist died last week.

The Daily Citizen reports that his wife, Kathy, was with him at the end. His son Michael tweeted that he kissed Kathy on the forehead and before he breathed his last breath said these final words Continue reading


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Psalm 115

“Is God Dead?”

These 3 words on the April 8th issue of Time Magazine stirred the emotions of a nation in 1966.

I remember it. I was a senior at Cascade High School in Clayton, Indiana. Not that I remember seeing the magazine, because my Dad subscribed to Truth Magazine, not Time Magazine. Continue reading


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Are You Struggling to Obey God?

This headline caught my attention the other day in a post by Jay Richardson on the Denison Forum.

Do you want to follow all Of God’s commands? Jesus didn’t either.

At first, I brushed it off as being ridiculous. Of course, Jesus wanted to follow all of the Father’s commands. But then I read it. And was given a different perspective. Continue reading

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Be A Continual Learner

“Most of us learn a great deal every day in order to keep ahead of what we forget,” once quipped the 19th century born lawyer and politician Frank A. Clark.

On a more serious note, business and professional people understand the importance of continuing education. In many fields, like medicine, a specific number of hours are required for a physician to maintain their license. Continuing education is also required for teachers, attorneys, accountants and pilots. Continue reading


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Weekly Recap May 15-19

Greeting from Beverly Hills, FL

It’s been a wonderful week here in lovely Citrus county.  We’re blessed to live here. To bask in the warm sunshine. To enjoy being close to our family. To have an opportunity to minister in the Word.  And share these blog posts every day.

However, we realize in the midst of our enjoyment, there is sickness, suffering and death.  We learned this week of the passing of a friend from the Kansas City area, Bob Harmon. He was 94.  His funeral service is today.  And even though his family and friends rejoice in the godly life he lived and the hope in which he died, he will be missed.  At the end of this recap is a link to a beautiful tribute written by my friend Roger Shouse.  I hope you’ll read it. Continue reading

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