Six Powerful Words

Admittedly, there’s a lot of junk on facebook. I understand why some people shun social media. There are words posted that hurt. Divide. Embarrass. Anger. And offend.

But then I see a post like this, from my friend in real life, and fellow worker in the Kingdom, Wilson Adams. Words that make facebook worth it. And it’s too good not to share. Continue reading


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A Passage To Ponder: 1Samuel 2:12-17

In recent days and weeks, two well-known religious leaders have been in the news. But for all the wrong reasons.

It has been learned since his death in May 2020, that Ravi Zacharias, described as one of “the Evangelical world’s most respected apologists,” was a sexual predator. A detailed story by David French in “The Dispatch” describes the shocking account of how this founder of an international ministry “leveraged his reputation” to seduce women all over the world. Multiple sources confirm the sordid double life Zacharias was leading. Continue reading

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Choose Faith Over Fretfulness

I woke up this morning somewhat disquieted in spirit. I’m not sure why.

From about 3 a.m. until after 4:00 a.m., I laid in bed with my mind racing from one thought to another. I didn’t feel like getting up. But I didn’t feel like laying there awake.

I wish I had already written my post for today, but I had procrastinated. Again. What to write? Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Converted

Following my freshman year at Florida College, I worked a summer job in a factory in Indianapolis at Bryant Heating and Cooling.

I worked on a conversion assembly line. These large air conditioning units would be rolled into my station. I would remove a side panel. Insert a heating coil. Connect the red and green wires to the corresponding color. Then replace the panel.

Without saying a word, or preaching a sermon, in just a few minutes I had converted an air conditioner! Continue reading

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Sunday Seed Thoughts: Sunday Christians

“The Lord’s Day crowd does not delight me; it depresses me.” once lamented the late Vance Havner, a 20th-century American preacher.

Havner explained, “Because it indicates a Sunday morning Christianity that is the greatest hindrance to real revival. It pays God a tribute of one hour at church then says, “Goodbye God, I’ll see you next Sunday,’” Continue reading

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Weekly Recap: April 11-16

Good morning from Beverly Hills, Florida

Now that we’ve settled into a home again in central Florida, I’ve been asked about our future travel and preaching plans.

When we are here, I’ve been preaching for the West Citrus Church in Crystal River and teaching a Sunday morning Bible class.  However, we have several preaching appointments and meetings on our schedule for 2021.  If, and that’s a BIG IF, the US-Canadian border opens, we’d like to go back to Canada this summer.  But currently, that’s not looking very promising. Continue reading

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Friday’s List To Live By #35

Today’s list is actually a poem by Dorothy Law Nolte, who became a parent educator, family counselor, and writer. She published this inspirational piece in 1954.

It speaks to the cause and effect relationship in a child’s development. Although more than a half-century old, its wisdom still offers some wonderful parental advice in the 21st century. Continue reading


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Faith Works

One night a family’s house caught fire and they were forced to run outside. However, the fire blocked their path to the upstairs bedroom where their son was sleeping. The father yelled for the son to open his bedroom window.

On the ground below the boy’s father knew his son had to jump to save his life. “Jump!” hollered the frantic father, “Jump, I’ll catch you!”

All the frightened little fellow could see, however, was smoke, flames, and the darkness of the night. He was scared to jump.

His father kept pleading, “Jump! I’ll catch you.” Continue reading

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A Passage To Ponder: Luke 24:13-35

Sad. Sorrowful. Somber.

Disappointed. Despondent. Dejected.

Heavyhearted. Heartbroken. Hopeless.

These words all describe Cleopas and his friend who walked seven miles to the village of Emmaus from Jerusalem.

You can almost see their slumped shoulders as they wearily plod along the road talking about the unprecedented events of the past three days. Continue reading


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‘Sex over religion’: Legal scholars discuss America’s shifting religious freedom landscape

The above headline from The Christian Post caught my attention this morning.

CP contributor Emily Wood, reported on a recent virtual event hosted by the Religious Freedom Institute featuring legal experts in the area of religious freedom. The panel discussed the shifting religious landscape in the United States and voiced their concerns “about the impact of the nation’s increasing religious disaffiliation on the First Amendment” that has evolved over the past two decades. Continue reading


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