Weekly Recap: September 26-30

Good Morning from Beverly  Hills, Florida

Well, what a week it’s been in our neck of the woods.  Seems like the whole week has been about Ian.  But not completely..

Sunday morning we drove over to Orlando and preached twice for the South Bumby Church.  It was a wonderful day of worship and fellowship together with these fine brethren.  You can hear the worship service lesson, Pressing Toward the Prize,  from their web page.

Monday evening I enjoyed doing a zoom Bible study as the guest of the Dowlen Rd church and Max Dawson in Beaumont, TX.  We discussed the Bible teaching of godliness.  If you want to watch , the discussion is archived on their YouTube Channel.  This Monday evening we will return for a follow up study.  You can watch live.  Click their web site or facebook page for info Continue reading

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Friday’s List To Live By #102

With the news media constantly talking about inflation, stagflation, the bear market and the rising cost of practically everything, it’s difficult to escape thoughts about money.

Money matters.

Yes, money even matters to God. And there’s lots in the Bible about money.

Today’s list offers 12 Biblical bullet points to help us be good stewards and think properly about the possession and use of money. Continue reading

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Vanna’s Marriage Advice

In a recent post on yahoolife, Wheel of Fortune, co-host Vanna White offers her thoughts on fashion, aging, and exercise.

Vanna joked that it’s “depressing” to her how much she’s aged since beginning work on the Wheel 40 years ago. In listening to the interview, Vanna’s self description as “that country girl…simple and comfortable and not glammed out all the time” seemed natural and genuine. During the interview she shared her views on marriage and the advice she gives her two children, now in their twenties. Continue reading


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Mark 5:35-41

Today’s text comes to mind as we await the arrival of hurricane Ian, a cat 3 storm predicted to become a cat 4 as it barrels toward the Gulf Coast.

Jesus had finished a day of Kingdom teaching using parables. The apostles heard wonderful lessons designed to produce faith and point them to a hopeful future. Now, however, Jesus would give them a real life lesson in applying their faith. Continue reading


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Are You Prepared?

“Hurricane Ian’s uncertain path has all of us preparing” read a CNN headline Monday morning after the National Hurricane Center officially upgraded Ian from a tropical storm to a category 1 hurricane. This morning Ian is a powerful category 3  hurricane as it moves over Western Cuba and predicted to reach a category 4.  And appears to be barreling toward Tampa Bay.

“Be prepared” are the key words we’re hearing from the news media, Florida Governor DeSantis and local officials. Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Integrity

Last Thursday evening Norma Jean and I were privileged to attend the Florida College Leadership Dinner and hear former Vice-President Mike Pence share a message about servant-leadership.

Mr. Pence spoke of qualities that have served him well as he’s navigated the world of business and politics. From his humble beginnings growing up in a small Indiana town, to a seat in Congress, to the Governors’ mansion in Indiana, to the Vice Presidency, Mr. Pence emphasized the importance of faith, family and service. Continue reading


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Weekly Recap: September 19-23

Good Moring from Beverly Hills, FL

Well, Fall is in the air in Florida.  The predicted  highs for the next 10 days are in the mid 80’s.  And lows in the upper 60’s.  We shall see. Anyway, it’s a nice break from the oppressive heat of summer.

Regardless of the weather, hot or not as hot, we blog onward.  We send out this Saturday post in case you missed one, so you can catch up.  It’s also a good way to share ThePreachersWord with your friends, either by email or on social media.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we’re looking forward to worshiping with and preaching for the South Bumby Church in Orlando.  If you’re in the area, we’d love to see any of our readers that can be there.  I’m speaking at both the 9:30 and 10:30 AM services. Continue reading

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Friday’s List To Live By #101

Our list this week is adapted from Perry Hall’s excellent book, Grace Does That?

Perry affirms that to truly understand grace, we must understand that Jesus must have first place in our lives. That “there is no one above Him, no one more important.”

So, if we are to glorify God and to walk worthily of the Lord, then it should be apparent that Jesus is supreme in our lives. Continue reading

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Remember Who You Are

I don’t remember when I first heard it. But I remember who said it. And where I heard it.

Dee Bowman was preaching in a gospel meeting where I was located. In the course of his sermon on Christian Living, he related advice that he gave to his son, Russ, when he was a teenager and would leave the house with his friends. Continue reading


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2Corinthians 5:1-8

Her father died in infancy. When she was four years old she was left paralyzed following a spinal infection that rendered her an invalid She lived her life in a wheelchair. And suffered the uncertain ravages of the Civil War. But Jennie Bain Wilson lived a productive and joyful life as she grew up in rural Indiana.

In 1881, at age 25 she was carried into a creek in her wheelchair and baptized into Christ. She wrote, “It gave me much joy to thus confess my dear Savior.” Continue reading


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