Reaction to the “Word of the Year”

As we conclude 2019, we are learning about the latest social trends. Pop culture fads. The person of the year. The most googled word. And each dictionary announces their word of the year.

Merriam-Webster billed as “America’s most trusted dictionary,” recently announced their word of the year is “they.”

They? How could an elementary, third-person plural pronoun be the word of the year? Continue reading


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Pursuing Peace

In the early 1980’s, a retired couple was alarmed by the threat of nuclear war so they undertook a serious study of all the inhabited places on the globe. Their goal was to determine where in the world would be the place to be least likely affected by a nuclear war. A place of ultimate security. Continue reading


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A Passage To Ponder: Revelation 10:8-10

Much we experience in life is bittersweet.

You can’t enjoy the sight of the beautiful rainbow without rain.

Leaving a job you enjoy for another job is often filled with mixed emotions. You leave behind pleasant memories and close relationships for a new challenge and an exciting opportunity Continue reading


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Prayer and U.S. Constitution

Alabama sheriff Nick Smith is in trouble. At least with some folks. In their eyes, he’s engaged in an egregious activity that should be censured.

“What has sheriff Smith done” you wonder. “How has he violated his oath of office?”

Recently in the face of two local tragedies, sheriff Smith has asked the community to pray. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Perseverance

Today, December 9th, is one of the hundreds of unusual, wacky, national holidays promoted on special calendars.

Today is “Weary Willie Day.”

This day is named after the sad-sack, down on his luck clown made famous by Emmett Kelly who was born on this day in 1898. Continue reading

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Lessons From A Day of Infamy

This post was penned two years ago, so it has been 78 years since the attack on Pearl Harbor. The lessons, however, remain the same. On this anniversary, and with so many new readers, we are reblogging this post for your thoughful consideration.


It was 76 years ago that early on Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, Japan attacked our naval and airbase at Pearl Harbor. It was a surprise and unprovoked attack that propelled the USA into World War II. President Franklin D. Roosevelt called it “a date that will live in infamy.” On this anniversary of Pearl Harbor, there are several thoughts with spiritual applications that come to mind.

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Whatever You Do

The Canadian born author and theologian, H. A. Ironside, tells about working as a boy in the late 1800’s to help his widowed mother. For a while he worked for a Scottish shoemaker or”cobbler” named Dan Mackay.

Mackay was known for his faith in Christ and his willingness to openly share it with his friends, neighbors, and customers. Ironside said his shop had a pile of gospel tracts and his Bible was usually open on the counter Continue reading


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