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Ministry Report 2021

Recently someone inquired how I have enjoyed retirement. Apparently, they don’t read ThePreachersWord. Or else they define “retirement” differently than I do.

While in May of 2018 we stepped away from full-time, located church work, we immediately began a different type of ministry. We spent the next 33 months traveling full-time. Our journeys took us to 36 states. 10 countries. And 48 congregations. Preaching almost every Sunday somewhere.

In February of this year, we bought a house in Beverly Hills, Florida, in Citrus County, which is about 25 miles southwest of Ocala. We’ve been worshiping with the West Citrus Church in Crystal River, where I preach most Sundays when we’re home. Currently, I’m teaching both the Wednesday night and Sunday morning Bible class. Continue reading


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Sunday Seed Thoughts: Preaching That Connects

Gladys Dunn had recently moved into a retirement community and was looking for a church to attend. Fortunately, she found a congregation to attend within walking distance.

When she arrived on Sunday, she found the building attractive and inviting. The people were friendly. The singing was enthusiastic and edifying. The prayers were fervent. And the communion service was reflective and thought-provoking. Continue reading

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A Passage To Ponder: 2Timothy 2

“What do you do when you’re not preaching?”

“It must be nice to work only one day a week.”

“I’d like to come and see you this afternoon. Since it’s not Sunday, I assume you’re free.”

“Do you have a job? Or just preach?”

“That was like a really good TED talk about Jesus!” Continue reading


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Who is a Good Minister?

“He’s a good preacher,” is an often repeated phrase by Christians describing the preacher of their local congregation, or their favorite evangelist.

But what defines a good preacher?

Is it oratorical skills? Is it the ability to hold our attention spellbound? As long as it doesn’t exceed 30 minutes? And in some circles only 20 minutes. Is it his pleasing personality? His social skills? His affable demeanor? His administrative organization? His novel ideas? Continue reading


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My Model For Ministry

G. Campbell Morgan in his book entitled “Preaching,” tells a story about an eminent preacher who approached the great English actor William Charles Macready with a perplexing question.

“I wish you would explain to me something,” the preacher asked.

“Well, what is it? I don’t know that I can explain anything to a preacher,” replied the actor. Continue reading


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2020 Preaching and Travel Schedule

Norma Jean and I are on the way to Pompano Beach, Florida, where I will be preaching for the Northside church of Christ for the month of January.  It will give my friend and their local preacher, Steve McAllister a short “sabbatical,” from the pulpit and provide for me a wonderful opportunity to enjoy fellowship with these fine folks and share the Word.

We’re often asked by friends, brethren, and readers of ThePreachersWord about our travels, where we’ll be living, and where I’m preaching throughout the year.  Although there are some gaps to fill in regarding specific meetings and preaching appointments, here is our basic schedule for 2020.  (For periodic updates you can check the schedule tab on this blog site). Continue reading

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2019 Ministry Report

In June 2018 we stepped away from full time located work and launched this new ministry phase of our lives.

We began with the idea of freeing ourselves from the limitations of working with one local church and combining travel with ministry opportunities. It has been both rewarding and exciting.

Here’s a short review of our travels and preaching opportunities for 2019 Continue reading


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The Aim and Impact of Preaching

“The task of the preacher,” once quipped Vance Havner, “is to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable.”

Commentator Dale Ralph Davis expressed it this way: “There is always this tension in the word of God, and any authentic messenger of that word knows and lives in it. If a preacher, for example, never places you under the criticism of God’s word, never tells you your sin but only smothers you with comfort, you must wonder if he is phony.” Continue reading


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Taking Preaching Seriously

Last night we watched an old episode of the Andy Griffith show that was entitled “A Sermon for Today.”

Andy and Opie are ready for church and trying to get Aunt Bee off the phone gossiping with her friend Clara.

When we arrive at the “All Souls Church,” the congregation is singing “Holy Spirit, Truth Divine.” All the while the ladies are looking across the auditorium miming appreciation for each other’s hats. Barney fumbles to keep his place in the hymn, and is saved from embarrassment when Andy stops him from applauding the guest speaker.” Continue reading


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Attitudes Toward God’s Word


Several years ago during National Bible Week, the then host of the Tonight Show, Jay Leno, did one of his on-the-street interviews.

Leno asked, “Can you name one of the Ten Commandments?”

“God helps those who help themselves,” offered one person.

“Freedom of speech,” guessed another.

“Name one of the apostles,” Leno challenged. Continue reading


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