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Almost. But…

An Alabama preacher, Kevin Jones, tells the sad story about a 62-year-old man named William Hyatt. He was found in the Mojave Desert with his face and his hands buried in the sand seeking water.

Hyatt’s car had broken down, and he had walked 22 miles through the Desert. The last two miles, he crawled on his hands and feet and finally died in the sand. Just over the hill, in ½ mile was the Saratoga Spring that could have saved him.

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A Passage To Ponder: Acts 10:1-2

“The Sinner’s Prayer,” is popular in Evangelical circles and often seen as a moment defining one’s salvation.

Also known as “The Salvation Prayer” we’ve seen versions of it printed in tracts, heard it preached in radio sermons and seen it offered on TV commercials by Evangelicals as a way to accept Jesus into your heart and be saved. One version goes like this. Continue reading


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Baptism and the Blood of Jesus

Years ago in Guidepost magazine, Paul Harvey wrote about his baptism:

“The preacher had said there was nothing magic in the water. Yet as I descended into its depths and rose again, I knew something life-changing had happened, a cleansing inside out. No longer did there seem to be two uncertain, contradictory Paul Harveys; just one immensely happy one. I felt a fulfilling surge of the Holy Spirit and afterward I cried like a baby. The change this simple act has made in my life is so immense as to be indescribable.” As the old song says, ‘He plunged me to victory beneath the cleansing flood.’”

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A Christian: Almost or Altogether?

In my 50 years of preaching, I have studied with people who I thought understood the Truth and would obey the gospel. Yet, something held them back. I’ve heard various excuses.

“I know what you’re saying is true, but if I do that, then I’m condemning my grandma, because she didn’t believe that.”

“Someday I will be baptized.”

“I need more time to think about it.” Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Christian

 Name Tag Christian

“What’s in a name?” opined Juliet in Shakespeare’s famous play Romeo and Juliet.

Her answer: “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

This idea has often been applied religiously. Throughout my years of preaching I’ve heard people say, “There’s nothing in a name!”

But, is that really so? Continue reading


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How is a Sinner “Born Again”?

Born Again 

The heading read “Just another sinner, Born Again.” Above it was a was an imposing head shot of Donald Trump.

The article by Lincoln Mullen appeared in Wednesday’s Atlantic magazine. My friend, Andy Diestlekamp, shared it on facebook yesterday. Andy tagged me since I had posted about James Dobston’s claim that Donald Trump had been converted, then quickly began to back track. Continue reading


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Mark 16.15

Yesterday’s post, Will a Loving God Send People to Hell?” elicited a great deal of response, especially on facebook.

Apparently some people don’t believe in the Bible doctrine of Hell. Others try to side step it. One person even responded with a sexually explicit picture. I guess that was their way of objecting to the post. However, a common response was “No. you send yourself to Hell by refusing to obey God.” Continue reading


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Chris, a fellow blogger, from Arizona, asked me to write on Acts 4:12.

“And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”  Continue reading


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