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What Are You Posting Or Reposting?

Recently I had a conversation with a friend who’s a regular reader of ThePreachersWord.

He expressed concern to me about what fellow Christians were posting on social media. And not just what they were posting themselves, but reposting from others.

He noticed some were sharing posts that contained vulgar language, inappropriate pictures, unkind epitaphs, and uncharitable insinuations.

It makes you wonder if they’ve really read the posts they’re reposting. Or if they feel like since they didn’t originally say it, show it or post it, then it’s somehow acceptable. Continue reading


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Celebrate Social Media Day With Something Positive

Today, June 30th, is “World Social Media Day,” according to the National Holiday Calendar that cites unusual and little known “holidays.”

WSMD was first launched by the digital web site Mashable, June 30,2010, “as a way to recognize social media’s impact on global communication, and to bring the world together to celebrate it.”

There’s no denying, social media impacts all of us. Even those who don’t use social media are reminded of its presence and touched by its influence. Popular tweets and facebook posts are often reported on TV and radio and reprinted in newspapers, and magazines. Continue reading


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Christians. Credibility. And Social Media.


Last Tuesday Donald Trump met with a few hundred evangelical leaders in New York City. Following the meeting, James Dobson, Focus on the Family founder, was interviewed by Pennsylvania minister Michael Anthony. During the interview Dobson said that Trump had recently come “to accept a relationship with Christ.”

Dobson was vague about the details of Trump’s supposed religious conversion. “I don’t know when it was,” said Dobson, “but it hasn’t been long.” Continue reading


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