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How To Overcome Guilt


Yesterday I received a recorded phone call with a very serious message. I was told the IRS had a warrant for my arrest. Then I was instructed to stay on the line to talk to an agent and receive instructions of what to do.

I laughed. And hung up. I knew it was a scam. But I thought some of my facebook friends would enjoy hearing about it. Predictably it elicited some funny responses and wonderful advice. Continue reading

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How to Deal with Guilt


Although it may be fictitious, the story is told of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, who pulled a clever, but cruel practical joke on 12 of the best known men in England.

He anonymously wrote a short, unsigned telegram with six simple words: “All is discovered. Flee at once.” Continue reading


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Guilt Free Living

Robert Jeffress wrote in his fine book “Choose your Attitudes, Change your Life” “Guilt is one of the most debilitating of human emotions. It wreaks destruction in our relationships and our spiritual lives.  It is also a major cause of depression”

Jeffress is right.  Guilt accuses. Guilt condemns. Guilt convicts. Guilt is mentally draining.  Physically demanding.  And spiritually disastrous. Continue reading


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