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Snatching Victory From the Jaws of Defeat

What a wild, wacky, wonderful weekend of college basketball. The NCAA Men’s Tournament has provided incredible comebacks, thrilling upsets and historic wins in the past four days.

After a 134 losses by a #16 seed to a #1  seed, UMBC stunned and actually stomped by the overall #1 seed Virginia, who was the favorite by many experts to win the championship. Continue reading


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What Do You Do When Losing Seems Inevitable?

What do you do when the odds are stacked against you? When nothing you do seems to work? When losing seems inevitable?

Ask the UCLA football team.

Ask the Tennessee football team.

I have been up later than usual the past two nights watching college football. Sunday night Norma Jean said, “Are you watching football?”  Continue reading


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Don’t Give Up


Last night’s College Football Championship game was one for the ages. It was a battle of wills. Mental toughness. Physical stamina. Emotional fortitude. And a never say die attitude.

In an upset, the Clemson Tigers scored the winning touchdown with one second left in the game to beat the favored Alabama Crimson Tide, 35-31. Continue reading

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How To Make the Impossible Possible

 Clevland Cavs

Sunday night something happened in the NBA playoffs that has never happened before in its illustrious 70 year history.

The Cleveland Cavilers rallied from a 3-1 deficit to win the title. In doing so they beat the reigning champion Golden State Warriors who had posted the best record in the history of the league, 73-9.

When the Cavs were down 3-1, ESPN only gave them an 8% chance of winning the title. Golden State was only 1 win away with a 92% of securing the championship. Yet, led by super star, LaBron James, the Cavs beat the odds and achieved something everyone thought impossible. Continue reading


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Great Verses of the Bible: 2Corinthians 4:8-9


When you think you’ve experienced more challenges than you can handle and your failures are crying for you to quit, consider this man.

In ‘16 His family was forced out of their home. He had to work to support them.

In ‘18 His mother died.

In ‘31 Failed in business. Continue reading

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One Lesson From March Madness

 Texas A.M

This week we are in North Texas house hunting. To find the “right” house requires looking at a lot of houses! It takes persistence and perseverance. But that’s definitely not the big news in the lone-star state.

We’re here in Aggie land. And hoops fans are ecstatic about their men’s basketball team. For the non-sports person, here’s what happened over the week-end. Continue reading


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Royals. World Series Winners

It’s an exciting time to live in Kansas City. The Royals, affectionately known by the locals as “the boys in blue” beat the New York Mets Sunday night in 5 games to capture the World Series crown.

It’s not just that they won. But it’s how they did it. Eight times they came from behind, seven of those by more than two runs to win. The final game was epic. Trailing 2-0 going to the ninth inning, they tied the game with clutch hits, daring base-running, and being opportunistic with opponents errors. The game and the series was won in the 12th with a five-run explosion. Continue reading

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