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How Will You Spend Your Last Weekend on Earth?

Have a great weekend because it may be your last. At least according to the so-called “Christian numerologist” David Meade.

Meade predicts the world will end on Monday, April 23rd. Based on his apocalyptic hypothesis from the Old Testament book of Isaiah and the New Testament book of Revelation it will be “cruel day.” It will be filled with “wrath and fierce anger.” Continue reading


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What Kind of Hearer Are You?

Sunday Morning my preaching colleague, Benjamin Lee, presented a lesson from Ezekiel 33 entitled “How Will You Respond?” It was a very practical lesson that spoke to our response toward God’s Word.

Ezekiel was a prophet and priest during Judah’s dark days as its people were being carried away into Babylonian captivity and just prior to the destruction of Jerusalem. He was sent to a “rebellious nation” that had transgressed the Word of God (Ezek. 2:5) Continue reading


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Great Verses of the Bible: Acts 5:29

The New York Times and various other news outlets have been reporting the case of an American Evangelist, Andrew Brunson, who has been imprisoned in Turkey for the past two years.

Recently an official indictment has been handed down against Brunson claiming he has used “Christianization” as a “mask” to engage in “unconventional warfare” against the government. Continue reading


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Did Jesus Pay Taxes?

Is it just me, or does it seem like Christians grumble a lot about paying taxes?

With recent news accounts about government waste, extravagant trips and questionable expenditures of our tax money, it does make paying taxes a bit distasteful at times.

But what would Jesus do?  Did Jesus pay taxes?  Continue reading

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3 Facts About the Law of Sowing and Reaping

Several years ago Reader’s Digest told about a company who mailed out some special advertising cards with a mustard seed glued to it and the following caption:

“If you have faith as small as this mustard seed in (our particular product), you are guaranteed to get excellent results and be totally satisfied.”

A few months later one recipient of this promotional piece responded to the company with this note: Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Diligence

I recently read about a father who was teaching his children to play the piano. He went to great lengths to explain how important it was to practice. One day he decided to try a new illustration.

“Do you know who  Arnold Schwarzenegger is?” he asked.

The children said, “Yes. He’s an actor.”

“Do you know how he became famous?” the Dad continued. Continue reading

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IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! The Importance of the Cross

Here is our final Friday reblog of this column for March. Never forget, Sunday’s coming!



Some things are just more  important than other things.

This is true in business. Sports. Government.  Our homes.  It is true in life’s tasks.  My Franklin planner teaches priorities.  You list all your tasks for the day and rank them in order of importance.  Then begin with the most important.

It is also true in Christianity.  While everything is important, there are some fundamentals that must rank with greater importance.  James Montgomery Boice expressed it this way. 

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