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A Passage To Ponder: Mark 12:41-44

Years ago Paul Harvey told a story on his radio show about The Butterball Turkey company setting up a hotline to answer consumer questions about preparing holiday turkeys.

One woman called to inquire about cooking a turkey that had been in her freezer for 23 years.

The operator told her it might be safe if the freezer had been kept below 0 degrees the entire time. But the operator warned the woman that, even if it were safe, the flavor had probably deteriorated, and she wouldn’t recommend eating it. Continue reading

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A PASSAGE TO PONDER: Jeremiah 9:23-24

Following Clemson’s rout of Alabama Monday night to win their third national championship and Coach Dabo Swinney’s second title, he wasn’t interested in basking in the spotlight.

“All the credit – all the glory – goes to the good Lord,” Swinney said during a nationally televised postgame interview.

Swinney was a gracious, humble and charming winner. “There are so many great coaches that are so deserving of a moment like this and never get the chance to experience it. And to get to do it once and then to get to do it again, it’s a blessing, and it’s just simply the grace of the good Lord to allow us to experience something like this. … Continue reading

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A PASSAGE TO PONDER: Romans 13:11-14

As the new year begins we’re reminded of the Latin phrase, “Tempus Fugit.” Time flies.

“The bad news is time flies,” observed entrepreneur Michael Alshuler. ”The good news is you’re the pilot.”

It seems as you grow older you become more aware of the rapid passage of time. Or in the words of the philosopher Dr. Seuss, “How did it get so late so soon?” Continue reading


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