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Word of the Week: Inclusion

“I didn’t feel anyone cared whether I was there or not.”

This was the response of 75% of the respondents who were asked in a survey why they had left the church.

Not surprisingly, research has shown that the more relationships a person develops in a congregation, the less likely they are to leave, or become inactive.

A British preacher, Daniel Harman, offered this observation. Continue reading

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Weekly Recap: October 24-28

Good Morning from Somewhere in Georgia,

We’re on the way home to FL after a wonderful trip to the Smoky Mountains.

This is truly a wonderful season of the year in so many parts of the country to see God’s handiwork and artistry displayed in the Fall Foliage.  If you’ve never experienced it, I hope you will sometime. Continue reading

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God is Good

There are 123 Bible verses that connect “good” and “God.”

Among them, “Truly, God, is good to Israel…” (Ps 73:1)

Frequently, we hear the refrain repeated “God is good…all the time.”

In a July facebook post, Wilson Adams offered this challenging insight to our understanding of God’s goodness.

Continue reading

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Dealing With Your Past in the Present

“Feels like I’m going to be punished for the rest of my life,” lamented Dujuan “Zoe” Kennedy as he and four others stood outside the White House gate after being refused entrance.

Kennedy spent 14 years imprisoned for selling drugs and manslaughter. However, while incarcerated he diligently worked to educate himself and rehabilitate his life.

Following his release, Kennedy returned home to Detroit to mentor young people at risk in engaging in criminal behavior. It has become his passion and life mission to help those turn their lives around who are heading down a dangerous path. Continue reading


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1 Corinthians 10:1-13

Warren Wiersbe tells the story about a preacher who presented a sermon series entitled “The Sins of the Saints.”

Apparently the sermons “offended” the sensibilities of a sister who strongly disapproved of the series. “After all, she told the preacher, “sin in the life of a Christian is different from sin in the life of an unsaved person.” Continue reading

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The Blessing of Adoption

Little Jocelyn’s first grade class was talking about adoption. Excitedly, she raised her hand and said, “I know all about adoption because I’m adopted!”

“What does it mean to be adopted?” asked the teacher.

“It means,” said Jocelyn, “that you grew in your mother’s heart instead of her tummy.” Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Renewed

Joe Theismann, sports commentator and businessman, enjoyed an illustrious NFL career with Washington Redskins as an All Pro quarterback.

Theismann, who led the Redskins to two Super Bowl appearances–winning in 1983 before losing the following year, when a leg injury forced him out of football in 1985, is entrenched in the record books as Washington’s all-time leading passer.

However, at the end of Theismann’s career he learned a bitter lesson. In an interview he said, “I got stagnant. I thought the team revolved around me. I should have known it was time to go when I didn’t care whether a pass hit Art Monk in the 8 or the 1 on his uniform. When we went back to the Super Bowl, my approach had changed. I was griping about the weather, my shoes, practice times, everything.” Continue reading


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Weekly Recap: October 17-21

Good Morning from The Great Smoky Mountains,

Norma Jean and I are enjoying the beauty of the fall foliage here at Cobbly Nob. The cooler temperatures.  Sitting by the fireplace. Eating out at some of our favorite restaurants.  And the fellowship of our brethren at Cosby.  Plus we’re getting to see several friends from out of state who’re visiting the mountains.

Tomorrow I will be preaching for the Cosby Church.  If you’re in the area, come and join us.  Bible Study @ 10:00AM.  Worship @ 11:00 AM. Continue reading

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Introduction to a New Column

Like other preachers, writers and bloggers, we have at times addressed the problems of social media, including platforms like facebook.

Too often social media is abused and misused by wasting time surfing through its endless posts. Or engaging in heated arguments, hurling unkind and ugly retorts. Posting immodest pictures. Or just being trivial and frivolous.

However, there is a good side to social media. The Gospel of Christ can be preached. Encouragement offered. Prayers requested. Brethren connected around the world. Bible study material shared. And important thoughts posted that ennoble and inspire us. Continue reading


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Are You Running From God?

One of joys of coming to the Smoky Mountains is being with our friends Olie and Mary Williamson.

Olie is 90 years young. In addition to the rental business he runs, Olie teaches a Bible class every Sunday morning and Wednesday night. Preaches every Sunday morning, unless he can corral a guest speaker, like yours truly. Plays golf most every week. And writes a weekly column for the Newport Plain Talk newspaper.

In a recent column, Olie recounted an incident that occurred in 1946. Continue reading

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