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My 1955 Chevy–Ownership and Responsibility

Max Dawson, is a friend of mine, fellow Hoosier and preaching colleague.  Max is also a car guy.  He loves cars.  Every Monday he publishes a column he calls “Pontiacs, Points , and Proverbs.”  Each post is some story about a car with a spiritual application.

In response to one of his columns, Max asked me to write  about my first car–a 1955 Chevy.  This is from his facebook page on November 21st.  I hope you like it. Continue reading


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Introduction to a New Column

Like other preachers, writers and bloggers, we have at times addressed the problems of social media, including platforms like facebook.

Too often social media is abused and misused by wasting time surfing through its endless posts. Or engaging in heated arguments, hurling unkind and ugly retorts. Posting immodest pictures. Or just being trivial and frivolous.

However, there is a good side to social media. The Gospel of Christ can be preached. Encouragement offered. Prayers requested. Brethren connected around the world. Bible study material shared. And important thoughts posted that ennoble and inspire us. Continue reading


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Friday’s List To Live By #64

Today’s list is authored by my preaching colleague and fellow Hoosier, Max Dawson.

In his weekly email, Max’s Monday Musings, my brother offered some help with our Christmas shopping list this year with ten gifts everyone can give.

TEN PRICELESS GIFTS Continue reading

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Jesus: The Only Way to God

Last Wednesday Russell Vought, nominee for the Deputy Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, was hammered by Senator Bernie Sanders.

Following a tense exchange of questions and answers, in which Sanders referred to a 2016 op-ed post by Vought, calling it “hateful,” “indefensible” and “Islamophobic,” the Senator concluded, “..this nominee is not really what this country is supposed to be about.”

So what did Vought write that was so offensive? Continue reading


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Twelve Things I Know About Heaven, Part Three


Max Dawson is a friend of mine and a fellow preacher.  Following Monday’s first post about heaven, Max made this observation.

“Lots of folks say they have gone to heaven. They then come back to tell us all about what heaven is like. The Apostle Paul (2 Corinthians 12:1-6) was caught up to heaven. Whatever it was that he saw and heard, he said it “is not lawful for a man to utter.” Amazing that folks claim to be able to tell something that the apostle was not permitted to tell.”  Continue reading


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