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Word of the Week: Love

February has long been identified as a month of romance, particularly because Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th in the Western world.

The history of the day is shrouded in mystery around one of the early “saints” Valentinus who was imprisoned for performed weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. According to legend just prior to his execution, he wrote a letter to a woman he loved and signed it “Your Valentine” as a farewell. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Accountability

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day. It is a national holiday, signed into law by President Reagan in 1983 to celebrate the life and work of the slain civil rights leader. The holiday is observed on the third Monday of January, but today it actually falls on his birthday, January 15.

While King’s legacy is his fight for justice, equality, and peace through non-violent resistance, he preached personal accountability, not only to his African American brothers and sisters but to all people. Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Tenderness

Cal Thomas tells a touching story that recently occurred while he was on a vacation crossing the Irish Sea on a Ferry.

While having breakfast in the lounge he noticed a young father playing with son, who he guessed to about 3 years year old. “The child said ‘Daddy’ in tender and loving way that it touched my heart,” Thomas wrote. Then suddenly the child “became ill and started throwing up and crying loudly.” Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Reflection

“Christmas is not only a season of rejoicing but of reflection,” once mused Winston Churchill.

I think the atmosphere of the holiday season, coupled with winter weather and the close of another year all adds up to a time where we tend to ponder the past, consider the present and anticipate the future.

Søren Kierkegaard is credited with saying that “life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Indeed we look back to see where we were, how far we have come, and to consider where we are going. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Understanding

The late, great General Douglas MacArthur once wrote about a lesson he learned when he was a student at West Point.He was studying “time-space relationship formulated by Einstein as his Theory of Relativity.” MacArthur said the text was complex and difficult to comprehend. So, he simply committed the pages to memory. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Gratitude

For many years Dr. Carl Mitchell served as a professor at Harding University, preached for a local church and also served as one of the pastors.

He once related an occasion when he and his fellow elders had asked that the theme of one worship service be focused on gratitude. By that he meant that songs chosen, the communion, the giving, the sermon, and prayers be centered on gratitude. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Sympathy

Yesterday morning about 11:20 a.m.(CST) a gunman entered the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas and opened fire on those gathered for Sunday worship.

At least 26 people were killed and 20 more were wounded. Among those killed was Annabelle Pomeroy, the 14-year-old daughter of their preacher Frank Pomeroy.  Also among the slain victims were a 5-year-old child and a pregnant woman.

Obviously, the church and residents of this little town 30 miles Southeast of San Antonio are in mourning over this senseless act of violence in a house of worship. Continue reading

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