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Is it Wrong for Churches to Cancel Services?

We are taking our annual holiday blogging break, and reposting the top 10 blogs for 2020 based on reader views. The one came in at #10 and obviously is still very timely on this day with current COVID situations in many states.


This question raised today reminds me of the old joke about the politician who was asked by a reporter his position on a particular issue.

“Well, there are two ways to look at it,” he responded. Then launched into a lengthy explanation of both views, giving both the pros and cons of the respective positions. He concluded by saying he had friends on both sides of the question.

“But what’s your position?” the reporter pressed.

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Weekly Recap: December 13-18

Greetings  from Homosassa, Florida,

We’re enjoying time with our grandchildren, Miles, and Katherine and looking forward to spending the holidays with our family.

This recap is for the benefit of those who may have missed a post so you can catch up.  Also, it offers a good opportunity to share ThePreachersWord with your friends via email or social media.

Beginning tomorrow, as has been our custom from the beginning, we’re taking a holiday break from blogging over the next two weeks and will reblog the top 1o posts of 2020 based on readers’ views. Continue reading

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Friday’s List To Live By #20

Today’s list, #20 is adapted from Dee Bowman’s book “That’s Life,” which I highly recommend.

It’s taken from the section “Life By the Numbers” and speaks to enlisting God’s help in dealing with the various emotions of life. It’s succinct. Stimulating. And Scriptural.

God, help me… Continue reading

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Coming Before the Throne of God

While I’m not a Presidential scholar, our recent election may have been the most contentious in history. At least in our lifetime, we’ve not seen anything like this since the 2000 Bush-Gore election hinged on hanging chads and was decided in the Supreme Court on December 12, 2000.

At this point, President Trump still has not conceded to presumptive President-elect, Joe Biden, although the electors have met and the states have certified the election. Trump and his supporters believe the election was stolen. So lawsuits have been filed to overturn the results. 100 U.S. Representatives in the House have publicly sided with the President. Continue reading


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A Passage To Ponder: Job 1

“But that’s not fair!” a teenager protests to his parents.

“Well, life is not always fair,” they respond.

How many times have you experienced that exchange? Or said it? Either in challenging the unfairness of a situation or in the response that has become a familiar cliche’? Continue reading


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20/20 Vision. COVID-19. And Seeing The Unseen.

“Eyes that look are common; eyes that see are rare,” observed J. Oswald Sanders.

However, regarding COVID-19, an oft-repeated phrase by our politicians, pundits, and health care experts has been “No one could have seen this coming.”

And neither could us preachers and the churches we serve. Many of us planned as a theme for the year some variation of “20/20 Vision.” How ironic! The purpose, plans, and programs surrounding what we thought was a clever and timely topic have largely been scrapped due to services being shut down and/or scaled back. Classes canceled. Fellowship altered. And miniseries modified. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Joy

“Joy” is a word often heard during this holiday season.

Google “Christmas joy” and you will get 624,000,000 hits. You will learn that there is a movie, a novel, and a project all entitled “Christmas joy.”

Hallmark bills its many holiday movies as spreading “the joy of Christmas.” You will receive Christmas cards with a cheerful message of “joy.” Then, of course, there is the popular 18th-century song by Isaac Watts, “Joy to the World.”

Joy, however, should not to be relegated to one season, one month, or one day of the year. Continue reading


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Sunday Seed Thoughts: “I Know Your Works”

This past week Norma Jean and I were reading from the book of Revelation about the 7 churches of Asia. Each address begins with the Lord saying, “I know your works.”

He knew the works of each, individual church. Ephesus. Smyrna. Pergamos. Thyatira. Sardis. Philadelphia. And Laodicea. Oh, and you can add one more to that list. The church where you’re a member. Continue reading


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Weekly Recap: December 6-11

Good morning from Homosassa, Florida,

We’re spending most of December here on Florida’s Nature Coast, close to Kenny’s family.

You never know what kind of wildlife you’re going to see here, either on land or water.  Yesterday, we looked out from our back porch and saw a pod of Dolphins swimming by our house.  There must have been 20-25.  They were frolicking in the water, having a good time.  And so were we just watching them.

Today’s recap will help you catch up with links to any posts you may have missed this week.  Also, it includes two posts on the topic of Christians wearing masks. Plus a bonus post. Continue reading

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Friday’s List To Live By #19

Friday’s list #6 was “10 Ways to Love Your Wife.” Today’s list, condensed and adapted from The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace, is “10 Ways To Love Your Husband.”

When practiced together by both husband and wife and applied consistently, these 20 suggestions would serve as a powerful basis on which to build and grow your marriage stronger.

Both lists are a wonderful application of 1 Corinthians 13 and Ephesians 5:22-32. Continue reading


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