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Great Things The Lord Has Done

“To God Be the Glory” is one of over 8,000 hymns written by one of the most prolific hymnists in history, Fanny J. Crosby.

Written in 1872 and published in 1875 the hymn was very popular in Britain but was not widely used in the United States. In 1954 Cliff Barrows, the song leader for the Billy Graham crusades was asked to add it to the song selection for his London crusade. The next year it was again included in a US crusade in Nashville, Tennessee, and began to gain popularity. Today, it is widely used in songbooks of most churches.

There is a line in the first stanza that recently captured my attention. Continue reading


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The Bible

“A wonderful savior is Jesus my Lord, a wonderful savior to me” begins the hymn by the famous song writer Fanny Crosby.   Yet the circumstances of Crosby’s life were anything but wonderful.

Three tragic events impacted Fanny Crosby that could have rendered her discouraged, depressed and impotent to accomplish success in her life. Continue reading

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IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! Near The Cross. But Far From Christ.


“Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross” is one of the most popular hymns written by Fanny  Crosby.  Blinded in infancy by a Doctor’s negligence, Crosby was influenced by a godly grandmother and inspired by the famous poet William Cullen Bryant when she was a student at the New York Institute for the Blind. Continue reading


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