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Hebrews 9:27-28

Cal Thomas, related in a recent post watching BBC and the Sky News coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s death. Thomas admitted he was surprised by two things.

“The first is that so many people interviewed were shocked at the Queen’s death.”

“Why should they be shocked?” Thomas wondered. “She was 96 years old and in failing health.” Continue reading

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Matthew 18:1-5

Sitting here in the breakfast room (before it opens) of a Hampton Inn in the early morning hours, I hear the voices of little children ringing in my ears.

No. There’s no one else in here. I’m alone. But the voices I hear are the children from last week’s Wellandport VBS just singing their little hearts out.

“Oh, how I love Jesus…”

“I’ve got the joy, joy, joy down in my heart…” Continue reading


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2 Corinthians 4:16-18

Patsy Clairmont, the author of God Uses Cracked Pots, shares a true story about her son, Jason. When he was seven, she sent him off to school one day. After a little while, there was a knock at the door and when Patsy opened the door, it was Jason.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I’ve quit school,” he said.

“Why have you quit school, Jason?” she demanded. Continue reading


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A Passage To Ponder: Matthew 6:1-8

An older man was walking on the beach and found a lamp. Instinctively he rubbed it, and to his surprise, a genie appeared.

“Because you have freed me,” the genie said, “I will grant you one wish.”

The man thought for a moment and then responded, “My brother and I had a fight 30 years ago and he hasn’t spoken to me since. I wish that he would finally forgive me.”

There was a thunderclap, and the genie declared, “Your wish has been granted.” Continue reading


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1 John 4:7-8

This month I’m speaking on a summer series at the Cornerstone Church in Centerville, Ohio, on the theme “Tough Questions on the Existence of God.”

Last night I spoke on “How Do I Connect With God?” I pointed out that sometimes our connection with God is short-circuited. One of the ways this may happen is by an unscriptural attitude about our relationship. Continue reading

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Psalm 144

“A Song to the Lord Who Preserves and Prospers His People,” is the heading in my Bible to this Psalm.

However, have you ever wondered in times of affliction, adversity, and sorrow, “where is the Lord?”

Have you ever felt so vulnerable, defenseless, and unsafe that you didn’t feel protected?

Have you ever suffered through periods of failure, loss, or poverty that prosperity seemed like a far distant, unrealistic dream? Continue reading

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1 Chronicles 28:9-20

If you knew that you were nearing the end of your life, what advice would you want to share with your son or daughter?

What wisdom would you impart to your loved ones?

What challenge or charge would you issue your family to carry out following your demise? Continue reading

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Psalm 34:18

When do you most feel the Lord’s presence in your life?

We might think it’s when we’re gathered with fellow Christians in worship on Sunday. Or when we’re surveying the beauty of God’s creation from a mountain top. Or relaxing by the seashore enraptured with the kaleidoscope of colors of a majestic sunset. Or maybe when we look into the precious face of our newborn child or grandchild. Continue reading


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Acts 24:22-27

Josh McDowell, the author of several books on Christian evidences, once remarked that even if he could answer every question a skeptic could throw at him, he still may not believe.

Why? Continue reading


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Acts 11:19-30

Some time ago a nationally popular denominational preacher spoke to a group of Muslims that one blogger described as “cozying up to extremists.”

Aside from that, one of the things that intrigued me was what he thinks the church needs to be fighting, what he called 5 global giants. — war, poverty, corruption, disease, and illiteracy. While I admit these are huge challenges and agree that as good citizens we ought to be concerned about them, is this the true, scriptural mission of the church? Continue reading

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