Is it Wrong for Churches to Cancel Services?

We are taking our annual holiday blogging break, and reposting the top 10 blogs for 2020 based on reader views. The one came in at #10 and obviously is still very timely on this day with current COVID situations in many states.


This question raised today reminds me of the old joke about the politician who was asked by a reporter his position on a particular issue.

“Well, there are two ways to look at it,” he responded. Then launched into a lengthy explanation of both views, giving both the pros and cons of the respective positions. He concluded by saying he had friends on both sides of the question.

“But what’s your position?” the reporter pressed.

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5 responses to “Is it Wrong for Churches to Cancel Services?

  1. A pastor prays for and ask God for protection over his assembly everyday! God gives wisdom to the pastor. There have been issues in past where Pastor closed church early or cancelled services. I trust my pastor’s decisions. I didn’t question him then and I don’t question cancellations now about being opened or closed. Then individually you have to decide using wisdom whether to attend in person or by live streaming.


  2. Peggy Hobbs

    Here it is December 2020 and this recommendation still applies. All churches have to make the decisions that are right for their congregation. Thanks for the repost.

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  3. we are commanded in Hebrews 10:25 to come together to worship so we need to obey God rather than men Acts 5:29 but like in a previous comment it is the elders decesion. If people would do thier research then they can see that this is not all about health. And please research this vaccine before you decide to take it. Most vaccines today contain ingrediants that are very bad for you!


  4. Dorthy Torno

    From Tim:
    Once again you have written with clarity and wisdom.
    Thank you!
    We love you!
    Tim and Dorthy


  5. Kathy Cooper-Boyle

    Personally I follow the example of the first century saints who continued to meet under threat of death from their Roman masters…Every first day of the week I meet with the saints of God, I partake of my Lord and Master’s communion supper, and I give of my means because my heart tells me that no matter what a human decrees I follow my Lord’s dictates at ALL costs.


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