Friday’s List To Live By #20

Today’s list, #20 is adapted from Dee Bowman’s book “That’s Life,” which I highly recommend.

It’s taken from the section “Life By the Numbers” and speaks to enlisting God’s help in dealing with the various emotions of life. It’s succinct. Stimulating. And Scriptural.

God, help me…

1. When I’m tired–so I won’t become weary in my constancy.

2. When I’m angry–so I don’t surrender control of myself to the passion of the moment.

3. When I’m happy–so I don’t forget the source of my blessings.

4. When I’m sad–so I don’t wallow in my own self-pity and thereby lose my vision of the more important things in life.

5. When I’m not sure–so I don’t stumble or lose my way.

6. When I have all I need–so I don’t luxuriate in my self-satisfaction and quit my struggle toward maturity.

7. When I am lonely–so I don’t become withdrawn, depressed, and bitter.

Thank you, Dee, and allow me to add three more.

God, help me…

8. When I’m hurting–so that I don’t project and inflict my hurt on other people.

9. When I’m suspicious–so that I don’t yield to cynicism mistrust, jealousy, and hostility.

10. When I’m tempted–so I don’t succumb to Satan’s devious devises and lose my hope of heaven.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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