Sunday Seed Thoughts: Christianity

Seed Thoughts

What is Christianity?

“Christianity, in its purest form, is nothing more than seeing Jesus,” writes Max Lucado in God Came Near. “Christian service, in its purest form, is nothing more than imitating him who we see. To see His Majesty and to imitate him, that is the sum of Christianity” elaborates Lucado.

While I don’t agree with all of his theology, I do agree with Max on this—Christianity is about Christ! I mean what else could it be about? Well, sometimes, if we are not careful, we can make it about us. About our traditions. Our church. Our programs. Or our own narrow view filtered through the colored lens of our prejudice.

In John 12:21, certain Greeks came to Philip and said, “Sir, we wish to see Jesus.” That ought to be our desire. To see who Jesus is. To see His attitude. To see His compassion. To see His treatment of others. To see His relation to the Father. To see His Deity. To see His humanity. To see His sacrificial love. To see His ascension. To see Him on the throne.

When we see Jesus, we will see Christianity. And then we can imitate Him.

—Ken Weliever,  The Preacherman

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