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Are The Duggars Hypocrites?

As we continue our countdown of the top 10 posts of 2015, this one was ranked #6. It was discussed, debated, and disputed. In light subsequent revelations of Josh Duggar’s adultery and admission that “I’m the biggest hypocrite there ever was” it does change the perspective of what I wrote at the time. However, the Biblical truth remains unchanged and should be read from that point of view.


Jim Bob Michelle Duggar

Last week I posted this question: “Does Sin Negate the Christian Faith?”

It was in response to the considerable media coverage about the family of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and the revelation that their son, Josh, was guilty of “inappropriate touching” about 12 years ago.

My post was very clear that I was not condoning Josh Duggar’s sinful behavior when he was a teenager. Neither was I attempting to pass judgment on the response of the Duggars, nor to defend them. . My post had one fundamental point: Sin in the life of a Believer does not invalidate the Bible teaching on morality, nullify the Truth, or negate the Christian Faith.

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