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Is Christianity Inclusive or Exclusive?

Pete Buttigieg, the Mayor from South Bend, Indiana, who recently announced his candidacy for the 2020 Presidential race is making headlines.

The youthful, articulate Mayor, is described in one news article this way. “He’s Christian, progressive, and gay.”

In a recent interview with the Washington Post Buttigieg said he wants his party “to embrace religion but not at the expense of excluding others.” Continue reading


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Is Christianity The Only Way to Heaven?

Shannon Johnson Kershner, a Waco, Texas native, and leader of the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, Illinois, has declared that Christianity is not the only way to heaven.

In a recent podcast with the Chicago Sun-Times, Kershner was specifically asked, “Is Christianity the only way to heaven?”

“No,” Kershner replied bluntly. Continue reading


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What is Christianity?

“Christianity, in its purest form, is nothing more than seeing Jesus,” writes Max Lucado in God Came Near. “Christian service, in its purest form, is nothing more than imitating him who we see. To see His Majesty and to imitate him, that is the sum of Christianity” elaborates Lucado. Continue reading

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Is Christianity a Part of Your Life?

JohnWittYesterday I had lunch with John Witt.  We had briefly met once, but never spent any time together. The lack of association has been my loss.

John is an energetic 89 years young. He’s a retired minister.  But not retired from ministering.

John shared with me his conversion story. How he was searching for Truth.  His journey.  And how he was converted to Christ.  It’s an intriguing and compelling story.  John was in his late 20’s when he bought his first Bible. Continue reading


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Does it Matter What We Believe?

Islam Christian DiscussionIn a Peanuts comic strip, Linus and Charlie Brown are engaged in serious conversation.

“I have a theological question,” says Linus, “When you die, and go to Heaven, are you graded on a percentage or on a curve?”

“On a curve, naturally,” Charlie responds.

Linus is clearly puzzled and asks, “How can you be so sure?”

Cheerfully Charlie answers, “I’m always sure about things that are a matter of opinion. Continue reading


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When Our Faith is on Trial

Trial“These are the times that try men’s souls,” wrote Founding Father Thomas Paine in The American Crisis, as he described the beginning of the American Revolution.

Today in America we face a different kind of trial.  A culture crisis.  A clash of thought.  Of Philosophy. Of basic beliefs. It is a culture war between the Judeo-Christian ethic on which our country was founded, and post-modernism, which rejects Christian values and seeks to eliminate religious thought from the public life. Continue reading


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“I’m tired of doing things my way.”

Yesterday I had a Bible study with a man named Mike.  As we began he shared with me some personal things about his life.  Then he looked me in the eye and said, “I’m tired of doing things my way.”  Continue reading


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It Was Food Poisoning!

“Food Poisoning.”  That’s what some of my readers of ThePreachersWord said yesterday about my post on missing Sunday worship.   Hmm?  Could it be?  Well…. Continue reading


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Can You Be A Christian Without A Church Family?

“I’m not into organized religion.  Can’t I be a good Christian without being a member of a church?” This sentiment of this statement and question is very common.  But is it so?  Must one be a part of a local church family?

Continue reading


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