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IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! Faces Around the Cross: His Mother

Roma Downey portrays Mary in a scene from the television miniseries 'The Bible'

“A Mother’s immeasurable love for a child she couldn’t save.”

  The headline jumped off the screen.  The dateline was Dallas.  May 11, 2013.  The journalist Steve Hartman wrote:

“Beyond the biological mandate, there’s something about mothering that defies science and borders on the divine — something especially palpable in this mom from Keller, Texas, named Brenda Gorman.”

He tells about Brenda and her husband Gary who decided to adopt a four-year orphan girl, Zia, from the Congo.  All was going well until the Agency called with the bad news that Zia had a rare and fatal heart defect.  Then they asked Brenda, “Do you still want her?”  Continue reading


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Did You Know Jesus Prayed For You?


This story may be a legend.  I’m not sure.  But it’s told that a little child in an African village  wandered off into the tall jungle grass and could not be found.

Family and tribe members stomped all day through the thick grass, frantically seeking the lost boy.  The end of the day, however, he was not found.   The next day someone suggested every tribe member  hold hands so they could comb through the grass without missing any area. Eventually they found the body of the child who had died during the cold night.

With tears of anguished the mother cried out: “If only we would have held hands sooner.” Continue reading


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Some Things I Know


Yesterday I was listening to an old song by singer and song writer, Lee Ann Womack, who is known for her traditional country-style.  The top twenty song, entitled Some Things I know, begins with these lyrics: Continue reading

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What’s America’s Greatest Problem?


This question was raised by Fox’s News, Bill O’Reilly, on his O’Reilly Factor last night in his “Talking Points” special edition for Memorial day.  He had three guests to answer the question– former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, businessman Herman Cain, and political commentator James Carvell. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Memory


Three old men were sitting around Pete’s house one morning drinking coffee and sharing how forgetful they were getting.

The first man said, “Sometimes I get undressed to get into the shower, and suddenly I can’t remember if I’m getting in or getting out.”

The second man said, “Well, sometimes I’ll find myself on the stairs, and I’m not able to remember if I’m going up or coming down.”

Pete piped up and said, “Well, so far I haven’t had that problem. So just “knock on wood” and hope what is happening to you guys doesn’t happen to me.”

Continue reading


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IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! Faces Around the Cross: A Regretful Face


He was admired by leaders of the revolutionary war.  Twice wounded for courageous fighting. Regarded as a hero.  Celebrated for his courage.  Admired for his patriotism.  After almost losing a leg fighting for America he expected more.

It is said that he grew disillusioned with the war’s progress.  Distrustful of its leaders.  Doubtful of its cause. Continue reading


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Is Ken Weliever Guilty of Judging?

pot-und-kettle1“You’re judging,” is a charge that has been hurled at me through the years.  Then it is followed up with “And the Bible says it’s wrong to judge!”   

Though not said in those words, this sentiment has been expressed to me in comments on this blog when I condemn an immoral lifestyle.

Is this charge valid?  Am I guilt of judging?  Well, I guess it’s time to confess. Continue reading


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Is Silence Approval or Disapproval?

Silence.NOI’ve heard the truism of all my life that “silence implies consent.”  This was a maxim with regard to law advocated by Sir Thomas Moore in the 16th century. Philosophically, Plato, the Greek philosopher wrote, “your silence gives consent.”

Apparently, that is no longer so in our topsy-turvy, politically correct culture. Especially as it relates to homosexuals.  Continue reading


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Life Lessons From The Oklahoma Tornado


Amazing. Incredible.  Captivating.  Those words don’t begin to describe the scene yesterday afternoon when I turned on Fox News and saw the powerful Tornado moving across the Oklahoma plains.  I was watching it live as it was filmed from a helicopter.  You could see flashes of light from the distance as it evidently took down power-lines.  But it was coming across open land.  Maybe it would lift up.  Dissipate.  Move on.  And not strike a populated area.  Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Maturity


Our son, Kenny, just turned forty.  But I can still hear him as a little kid saying, “Daddy! Measure me!”  Like most kids he loved to see how much he had grown.   We had a post where I measured him and made a mark.  It was an objective way to see how much taller he was.

But of course we know that maturity is more than just physical growth.  It’s mental maturity.  Emotional maturity.  Social maturity.  Like one sage said, “You are only young once, but you can be immature forever!”

What about Christians?  Do we like to be spiritually measured? Our word of the week is “maturity.” Consider Paul’s exhortation as a personal challenge. Continue reading

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