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IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! Faces Around the Cross: His Mother

Roma Downey portrays Mary in a scene from the television miniseries 'The Bible'

“A Mother’s immeasurable love for a child she couldn’t save.”

  The headline jumped off the screen.  The dateline was Dallas.  May 11, 2013.  The journalist Steve Hartman wrote:

“Beyond the biological mandate, there’s something about mothering that defies science and borders on the divine — something especially palpable in this mom from Keller, Texas, named Brenda Gorman.”

He tells about Brenda and her husband Gary who decided to adopt a four-year orphan girl, Zia, from the Congo.  All was going well until the Agency called with the bad news that Zia had a rare and fatal heart defect.  Then they asked Brenda, “Do you still want her?”  Continue reading


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