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A Passage To Ponder: John 7:24

In his book, Uncommon Decency: Christian Civility in an Uncivil World, Richard J. Mouw, relates this account among a gathering of seminary professors.

One professor reported that at his school the most damaging charge one student can lodge against another is that the person is being “judgmental.” He found this pattern very upsetting. “You can’t get a good argument going in class anymore,” he said. “As soon as somebody takes a stand on any important issue, someone else says that the person is being judgmental. And that’s it. End of discussion. Everyone is intimidated!” Continue reading


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A Two Word Answer To All Religious Disagreements

A brilliant theologian was reportedly able to condense the entirety of Scripture into a two-word Facebook comment Tuesday, instantly silencing all critics in the thread and garnering numerous “likes.”

The gifted exegete, going by the name “Kyle Bro” on the social media service, left the comment “Judge not,” followed by an authoritative period, under a friend’s post about sexual immorality in the church—stunning his friends and family with his intellectual clarity and theological acumen. Continue reading

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Was Phil Robertson Guilty of Judging?


During my self-imposed holiday hiatus ThePreachersWord missed out on the whole Duck Dynasty flap!

While I was away, Duck Commander, Phil Robertson, was put on suspension by the A & E network for his comments in GQ magazine regarding homosexuality.  Every news show, talk show, cable TV host, call in radio show and about anyone involved in media opined on Robertson.   Duck Dynasty.  Free speech.  Freedom of religion.  And homosexuality.   Continue reading


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How Would You React?

 EmelieCreccoSuppose you are in a shopping center parking lot.  As you head to the store, you see someone pull into one of the handicap spots.  Then to your surprise a lively and pretty young lady who looks to be 19 or 20, jumps out of the car and heads to the store.  She obviously is the picture of health.  No crutches. No cane.  No limp.

What would you do?  Ignore it?  Call the police? Confront her?

Here’s what one person did. Continue reading


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Is Ken Weliever Guilty of Judging?

pot-und-kettle1“You’re judging,” is a charge that has been hurled at me through the years.  Then it is followed up with “And the Bible says it’s wrong to judge!”   

Though not said in those words, this sentiment has been expressed to me in comments on this blog when I condemn an immoral lifestyle.

Is this charge valid?  Am I guilt of judging?  Well, I guess it’s time to confess. Continue reading


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Judging Other People

As Joe was leaving the grocery store he was very surprised when a pretty and perky young lady greeted him with a cheerful and enthusiastic “Hi!” Her face was beaming. He couldn’t remember having ever seen her before. Then she realized that a mistake had been made and apologized. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” she explained. “When I first saw you I thought you were the father of one of my children.”

Continue reading


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