Praise the Lord!

CIMG5654Robert Jackson used to tell the story about a man who showed up one Sunday to worship in more formal, liturgical church than he was used to attending. The church was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. That made it all the more obvious when this visitor got excited about something the minister said and he shouted out “Praise the Lord!”

What was second nature to this newcomer shocked and even scared the faithful in this setting where they were not used to such exuberant expressions of worship. Nobody had ever done anything like that before.

After the preacher recovered from the shock, he began to get excited.  He said something that “struck a cord” with the visitor who again exclaimed, “Praise the Lord!”  Everyone looked around, wondering what to do.

After his emotions were once again touched and he responded the third time with, “Praise the Lord.,” a deacon  came down the aisle, tapped the guest on the shoulder, and in a reprimanding stage whisper said, “We don’t praise the Lord here!”

“Praise the Lord,” is a frequently expressed by the Psalmist to give glory to God.  Read  Psalms 111 through 115, and you will find the expression used several times.  Also  these 5 Psalms alone give us many reasons to praise God.  Here are 9.

◆God is gracious, full of compassion, and merciful.

◆He has provided redemption for us.

◆He blesses those who respect Him and work righteousness.

◆He is providentially involved in the nations and in the affairs of our lives.

◆His wonderful works are seen in the earth he made for us.

◆He demonstrates His power in the deliverance of His people.

◆He is faithful and trustworthy.

◆He is a God who is alive, active, and able to make a difference in our lives, unlike the idols who cannot see, hear,  or speak.

◆God has been mindful of us and blesses us.

Two thoughts.

(1) You don’t have to wait to attend a worship service in a church building to praise the Lord!  In fact, we ought to praise him daily.

(2) Your praise of God is not dependant on what others do.  Make plans to attend a worship service Sunday where you can praise God from the depths of your heart.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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8 responses to “Praise the Lord!

  1. Ruth Long Conger

    Ken, do you remember Roscoe Ping? When he felt like it, he would always say “Amen.” I really respected him because I felt he was worshipping in spirit and truth. Sometimes we don’t have enought spirit during our worship. I believe in decency & order, but how about feeling some spirit too.


  2. Ken, wonderful job. One of my great regrets is that despite having been encouraged to do so, I didn’t do a series of video interviews with Uncle Robert when he still had all of his faculties. I’d love to have collected more of those stories.


  3. julie davidson

    thanks, Bro. Ken! i say AMEN, and again, AMEN! 🙂 in His love, Julie


  4. Sharon

    We had the grandest adventure last Sunday in St Kitts with the brethren there. They sing with the spirit and they Amen throughout the sermon and throughout each prayer….thought they had finished several times, still going. It was wonderful and refreshing. Good article.


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