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With such an emphasis today on the “week-end” as a time for travel, recreation, or sporting events it is easy to forget that Sunday is the first day of the week.

It is a unique day in history.  It is a day sanctified in Scripture.  It is a day special to all Christians.

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IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! Faces Around the Cross: Mary Magdalene

The BibleIn the Louvre Museum in Paris there is a painting depicting Jesus on the cross.  The world is engulfed in darkness.  The stars are dim.  And in the shadows there is the form of a woman kneeling.  Her hands are caressing and her lips are pressing against the bloody, mangled feet of Jesus.

That woman is Mary Magdalene.  Continue reading


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What’s Your View of the Bible?

Bible.Light.2Two men. Two views of the Bible.  One man is known world-wide.  The other man is unknown, except for a small circle of friends.  One man is bombastic and out-spoken.  The other man is plainspoken and unpretentious. One man is on TV.  The other man watches TV.

Two men.  Bill O’Reilly.  Nathan Eve.  Continue reading


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“Facing the Music” When I Don’t Like the Song


(Note: This post was the sixth most read of 2013)

David Cawston, in a sermon entitled “Ready to Face the Music,” began with this riddle. Can you guess the answer?

“There is a preacher of the old school, but he speaks as boldly as ever. He is not popular though the world is his parish, and he travels every part of the globe and speaks in every language. He visits the poor, calls upon the rich, preaches to people of every religion and no religion, and the subject of his sermon is always the same. He is an eloquent preacher, often stirring feelings which no other preacher could in bringing tears to eyes that never weep. His arguments none are able to refute, nor is there any heart that has remained unmoved by the force of his appeals. He shatters life with his message. Most people hate him; everyone fears him.”

“His name?” Continue reading


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The Disrespect for Marriage Coalition

MarriageThis week in Washington, D.C. the Supreme Court is considering two cases that have the potential to redefine marriage in our country.

The “Respect for Marriage Coalition” has increased their presence through TV-spots,  newspaper ads and timely interviews.  But it may not be what you think.

Here’s how the 30 second ad begins…

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Word of the Week: Blessed

Bible.Cross“Headlines” is a Jay Leno feature on the Tonight Show.  In that segment he features newspaper headlines, advertisements,  classified ads and stories that have misspellings, unfortunate word choices or just funny lines.

In one Tonight Show bit several years ago was this item from the lost-and-found column of a Midwestern newspaper: Continue reading


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Today, we are “snow bound” in KCMO! So, I thought it would be appropriate to reblog this post.



“As white as the driven snow,” wrote Shakespeare in A Winter’s Tale. In Macbeth the poet used the expression “pure as snow.”  Is there any better metaphor for whiteness than snow?

We witnessed this first hand recently in Kansas City, Missouri.  We’ve had snow.  Lots of it!  Over two feet.  Following the first snow, Norma Jean and I marveled one night on how light everything looked behind our house.  The snow was so white.  So bright.  So intense in color that it looked like day light!

But do you know what’s whiter than snow?

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IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! Faces Around the Cross: The Face of Fortune


•He is an infamous face.

•He’s mentioned by name in all four gospels.

•Thirty-eight verses in the New Testament tell his story.

•Yet he never speaks a single word.

•We know nothing about his family.  His Age. Or marital status.

•He disappears from the Bible record as quickly as he appears.

•Yet movies have been made about him.  Books have been written.  Sermons have been preached.

Can you guess who he is? Continue reading


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Nine Attributes of the Almighty

God.KnowingGod“What, in your opinion, is the greatest spiritual need in the world today?”  How would you answer that question?

Dr. R.C. Sproul, the noted author, philosopher and theologian, was asked that question in a conference of religious leaders.  Bill Hybels, in his book  “The God You’re Looking For,” was there and relates what happened. Continue reading


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What’s Your View of God?

Touching EarthA few years ago sociologists from Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion  did a study about our view of God.  The title of the research paper was called “The Values and Beliefs of the American Public.”  It was the result of a survey done by Gallup for Baylor University.

In response to 77 questions, the study identified four distinct images that people have of God’s personality and attitude toward the human race. The research claimed this study may “tell more about people’s social, moral and political views and personal piety than the familiar categories of Protestant, Catholic, Jew, or even red and blue states.”  Continue reading


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