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Word of the Week: Appreciation

There is a Chinese legend about a group of elderly, cultured gentlemen who met often to exchange wisdom and drink tea. Each host tried to find the finest and most costly varieties, to create exotic blends that would arouse the admiration of his guests.

One day when the most venerable and respected of the group entertained, he served his tea with unprecedented ceremony, measuring the leaves from a golden box. The assembled epicures praised this exquisite tea. Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Share


An elderly couple walked into McDonald’s holding hands and ordered one value meal with an extra cup.

A lady in the corner of the restaurant watched the sweet couple as took their meal and sat in a booth.  The old gentlemen gently cut the sandwich in half.  Counted out the fries in two separate but equal piles.  Then poured half the drink into the extra cup,

Thinking they were on a limited income and couldn’t afford two meals, the lady walked over and offered to buy them another meal.  Continue reading


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