Twelve Things I Know About Heaven, Part Three


Max Dawson is a friend of mine and a fellow preacher.  Following Monday’s first post about heaven, Max made this observation.

“Lots of folks say they have gone to heaven. They then come back to tell us all about what heaven is like. The Apostle Paul (2 Corinthians 12:1-6) was caught up to heaven. Whatever it was that he saw and heard, he said it “is not lawful for a man to utter.” Amazing that folks claim to be able to tell something that the apostle was not permitted to tell.” 

Yes, it is quite ironic!  The two books we’ve referenced may make for some interesting fictional reading, but are not my source of knowledge. The only accurate information about heaven is the Bible!

Years after all the other apostles had died, the aged John, exiled on the island of Patmos, received a revelation from God from an angelic messenger.  John was blessed with special insight into the heavenly realm.  From it, here are four more things that I know about Heaven!

#9 I Know Heaven is a Refreshing Place

“And He said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts” (Rev. 21:6)

Have you ever been really thirsty on a hot day?  Your throat is parched.  Your mouth dry.  Your lips chapped.  There is nothing better than an ice-cold glass of water.

Spiritually, our souls are thirsting for something this world cannot give.  We develop relationships that leave us unfulfilled.  We gain knowledge that leaves us feeling empty inside.   We amass wealth, yet feel a void.  We exercise, eat right, sport healthy bodies, yet feel spiritually malnourished.

Jesus is the water of life.  Our souls thirst for Him.  And when we get to heaven the Lamb will lead us to the “living fountain of water” where we never thirst again! (Rev. 7:17)

#10 I Know Heaven is a Place of Refuge.

When we think of refuge, we think of safety.  People like gated communities.  Privacy fences.  Security systems.  Why?  They provide refuge.  Safety.  Security.

Heaven is depicted as a place with 12 gates. And there are angels guarding the gates.  There are protective walls.  Enemies cannot enter the gates.  Adversaries cannot scale the wall.  Nothing gets past the guards!  Of course, this is all symbolic, but it points to the majesty, protection and greatness of heaven.  It’s a place of refuge.  A safe place.

#11 I Know Heaven is a Place of Reward & Rest from Labor.

Earth is a place of work.  We work jobs. Do yard work. Engage in volunteer work. Work for the Lord.  There is always work to do!  And sometimes we become weary with work.

Heaven is a place of rest (Rev 14:13). A place of relief.  A place of reward.  The entire Christian life is focused on the eternal rest and reward for our labors.

Life is not always fair.  You may not be rewarded for your efforts here, but you will be in heaven.  Every sacrifice you made will be remembered.  Every sorrow you experienced will be dispelled with countess joys.  Every rejection you received will be replaced by love, joy and peace.  You will have rest from your labors.

#12 I Know Heaven is a Place of God’s Residence.

Few people, if seems, are totally content with where they reside.  It’s either too hot.  Too cold. Too humid.  Too much traffic.  Too crowded.  Too commercial.  Or too remote!

Heaven is the perfect home!  It’s where God lives.  When we die and go to heaven, we’re going home!  To be with our Father.  Our elder brother.  Our spiritual Family!

Tobin Perry was a Missionary in India for 2 years.  He wrote about missing home.  But it wasn’t so much the physical distance, or even the food, though he did miss McDonalds.  But it was the societal rules, the different customs, the values that were hard to understand.

He compared that experience to heaven and how as Christians we are just strangers and foreigners.  When we become heaven’s citizens  “this world is not our home.  Then he says this: “that ache in your heart for something more to the Christian life is normal.  It’s God’s gentle call of heaven.”

Life’s too short.  Eternity’s too long. Hell’s  too horrible.  And Heaven’s too wonderful to miss.  As my friend Dee Bowman says, “If you miss heaven, you’ve just missed all there is!”

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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5 responses to “Twelve Things I Know About Heaven, Part Three

  1. Shorayi

    What a great lesson,God bless.

  2. julie davidson

    AMEN, Bro. Ken, AMEN!! These past 3 days lessons have been excellent…have e-mailed to several, & copied to send someone special who has no computer! 🙂 Thank you for your diligent work, depicted in this blog! In His love, Julie p.s. have a JOYOUS day!

  3. Randall Maxwell

    l I worship God in His Kingdom of Heaven. Every day I get on my knees before the Father’s throne in heaven, no not in the mountains, nor in Jerusalem were God used to reside in the Holy of Holies , but in Heaven (Matt. 18:10:John 4:21, 24; Eph. 1:13; 2:6; 6:12). Someday however I plan on residing in the new heaven and the new earth, body, soul and spirit (cf. Rev. 24:1,2), there I might worship God with a physical instrument of music as I certainly cant take one now with me to heaven.

  4. Donna Lewis

    These are fantastic lessons, Ken. Thanks so much.

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