Weekly Recap: March 6-10

Good Morning from Beverly Hills, FL

Here’s a “Public Service Announcement.” Daylight Savings Time goes into effect at 2:00 AM, tomorrow, Sunday, March 12.  So, be sure to set your alarm,  Get up. And set your clocks up 1 hour to 3:00 AM.

BTW, does anyone know what that means?  I’ve never felt like I’ve saved any daylight or time by moving my clock up and back  every 6 months?

Hope you all have had a good week.  It’s been my best week all year (Some of you will know what that means).  Regardless, we’re blessed by God’s goodness, grace and mercy each day.

Today’s post is a recap of the past week’s posts in case you’ve missed one. It’s a good way to catch up.  I would especially call your attention to 2 posts I hope everyone will read.  They will provide you some needed encouragement and exhortation.  Psalm 4o.    And  Get Over It.  If you missed these, I guarantee you they are worth an investment of your time and some serious thought.

Also there’s a bonus post at the end, you won’t want to miss.

Have a great day. And a wonderful weekend.

God bless,



Growing Your Skills




Twisting Truth into a Lie



Psalm 40




Get Over It




7 Things You Need To Stop Doing Right Now




“Lord, be with us…” is a common expression we frequently hear in prayers.  This post from 11 years ago today, offers a slightly different perspective that is worthy of your reflection for a few minutes.  Click here to read, “Draw Near To God.”


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