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Weekly Recap: April 24-29

Greeting from Citrus County Florida

As we close April, we are finally getting some much needed rain here on the Nature Coast.  It’s been so dry here that I wondered if some “Elijah” had been praying for a drought.

However, we are blessed regardless of the weather to refresh our souls from “the water of life.”  It’s our hope and prayer that our efforts on this little blog will add to your spiritual refreshment.  If you’ve missed any posts this week, we send out this recap every Saturday with its live links as way to catch up.  Also there is a bonus post from 5 years ago that you baseball lovers will enjoy-“Are You Loafing Into Second Base?  Continue reading

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Attitudes. Actions. And Feelings.

On the John Maxwell leadership facebook page is this important reminder from one of his colleagues.

“Attitude plays a crucial role in shaping our emotional responses to different situations. The way we react to events and circumstances is largely influenced by our attitude towards them.”

The author, who I believe is Chris Robinson, speaks to the issue of our feelings as it relates to both our attitude as well as our actions. Continue reading

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Trading Bitterness for Compassion

In the syndicated advice column, Ask Amy, by Amy Dickinson, a woman wrote asking how to shake off the resentment she felt. She signed her name “Bitter.”

Her husband was diagnosed with ALS at age 67. During that time his brother attended their granddaughter’s graduation party, got drunk and hit her car as he was leaving. Yet failed to tell anyone about the accident Continue reading


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Psalm 91

The author Norman Vincent Peale was known for popularizing the “Power of Positive Thinking.” He once related the story of a stranger recognizing and approaching him on a New York City.

“Please, Dr. Peale, you have to help me, I’ve got some problems, and I just can’t handle them any more,” the man cried desperately as he grabbed him by the lapels of his coat.

“If you will let go of my coat,” Peale replied, “I will take you to a place that is full of people who don’t have any problems. Continue reading


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A Stubborn Faith

Last week the well known Baptist preacher, Dr. Charles Stanley, died at age 90.

Christianity Today announced his passing with this headline: “Died: Charles Stanley, In Touch Preacher Who Led with Stubborn Faith.”

The description “stubborn faith” grabbed my attention and prompted reflection. It was not meant as a criticism, but a compliment. Stanley was well known both within his denomination and without as a conservative Continue reading


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Growing in Grace

John Houseman was a British-American actor and producer who was hired to do commercials for the investment firm Smith-Barney in the 1980’s.

Looking immaculate in his 3 piece suit, he spoke with confidence and authority as he sternly looked into the camera and with his gravelly voice affirmed, “Smith-Barney. They make money the old fashioned way. They earn it.”

That’s a great motto for an investment company. And wonderful advice for accumulating wealth. However, it’s not the way we need to approach salvation and our relationship with God. Continue reading

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Weekly Recap: April 17-21

Greetings from Beverly Hills,  FL

Happy Earth Day!  Yes, it’s a  thing. April 22 is “Earth Day.”  You can read about it on their official web page.

Each Saturday when I send out this recap, I always include a past post as a bonus. Today’s is from April, 22, 2014,  The Preacher’s Perspective on Earth Day.  For my preaching colleagues, the 5 points would actually put you on second base for a sermon on stewardship. Continue reading

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Humor Found on Facebook

With all the evil abounding in the world, and too much negativity posted on social media, we thought a little humor on facebook Friday was in order.

Today’s post is a collection of captions, quotes and memes from various sources.

We begin with a question Wilson Adams asked in the prelude to a serious post.

How many therapists does it take to change a lightbulb? Continue reading


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Negative Effects of Religious Hypocrisy

Past negative experiences with professed Christians and/or religious institutions by religious people are cited as the top reasons why people question Christianity.

This March report released by Barna Research found both religious people, as well as those who claimed no faith were the most affected by religious hypocrisy. Continue reading


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Psalm 90

It’s been suggested you can learn something about a person’s values by reading the bumper stickers on their car.

Here’s five. Can you finish them?

Where there’s a will…

He who laughs last…

If you can read this… Continue reading

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