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Great Verses of the Bible: Isaiah 7:14

Little Emma came running out of Bible class to her waiting Mother triumphantly waving a picture that she had drawn shouting, “Mommy! Mommy! My teacher says I drew the most unusual picture she has ever seen!”

The mother took the picture from her little Emma’s hands. Studied it for a moment. And agreed with the teacher.

“What were you studying?’ She asked.

“The birth of Jesus” Emma replied. Continue reading


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Great Verses of the Bible: Isaiah 41:10

Christianity Today called it the “most popular Bible verse for 2018.”

According to the outstanding Bible ap YouVersion, which has been installed on over 350 million devices in every country in the world, this Bible verse has been shared, bookmarked, and highlighted most often by the global YouVersion Community during 2018.” Continue reading

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Great Verses of the Bible: Revelation 3:15-16

Søren Kierkegaard, the 19th-century Danish religious philosopher, told a story about a town where only ducks lived.

Every Sunday the ducks would waddle out of their houses and waddle down Main Street to their church. They waddled into the sanctuary and sat in their proper pews.

The duck choir waddled in and took its place, and then the duck minister came forward and opened the duck Bible.

He read to them… Continue reading

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Great Verses of the Bible: 3John 2

I recently read a story about a Christian who was visiting with a preacher from Ethiopia. He knew the preacher lived in horrible poverty. So, he made the mistake of showing what he thought was some sympathy for his situation.

“Brother, I want you to know we are praying for you in your poverty,” the man said.

Very humbly the preacher responded, “No. You don’t understand. We are praying for you in your prosperity.” Continue reading


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Great Verses of the Bible: Psalm 107:8

Joel Gregory tells the story of a family seated around their table one Thanksgiving Day looking at the annual holiday bird.

From the oldest to the youngest, they were to express their praise. When they came to the 5-year-old in the family, he began by looking at the turkey and expressing his thanks to the turkey, saying although he had not tasted it he knew it would be good.

After that rather novel expression of thanksgiving, he began with a more predictable line of credits, thanking his mother for cooking the turkey and his father for buying the turkey. But then he went beyond that. He joined together a whole hidden multitude of benefactors, linking them with cause and effect. Continue reading

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Great Verses of the Bible: John 18:36

What does the Bible teach about the Kingdom of God? Has it already been established? Or is it coming at some future time?

Through the ages, the Kingdom and Kingship of Christ have been misunderstood, misrepresented, and misapplied. The Jews in Jesus’ day rejected Him. “He came unto his own, and his own received him not” (Jn 1:12) So, it’s little wonder that Pontus Pilate, the Roman governor presiding over His trial, was confused regarding Jesus’ work and role. Continue reading

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Great Verses of the Bible : John 12:48

Bruce Ball tells an old story that took place in a western town in the late 1800’s. A horse was spooked and then bolted, running away uncontrollably with a small boy in the bed of the wagon. Seeing the child was in grave danger, a young man risked his life to catch the horse and stop the wagon, thus saving the boy’s life. Continue reading


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