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Weekly Recap: March 27-31

Greetings from Beverly Hills, Florida

On Tuesday WordPress informed me that our post “3 Lessons From March Madness” was #3300.

If you had given me an assignment on January 1, 2012 to write 3300 articles, I might have thrown up my hands and said, “I’ll never get that done.”  But here we are.  Eleven years and three month later. Little by little. Day by Day.  One post at a time.  I think there’s a lesson in there for all of us.  Our daily efforts and activities can add up over time to make a big difference. Continue reading

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Feed Your Mind With Good Ideas, and Refine Your Philosophy


Jim Rohn is an entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. He has a facebook page filled with encouraging and challenging thoughts.

Today’s facebook Friday from Rohn’s page fits our theme this year “Sowing Seeds for Spiritual Growth.” Continue reading


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