Turning Adversity Into A Benefit: How I began Blogging

This April post was #3000 since I began blogging. It was also the 5th most read post from 2022. It tells the story how and why I began ThePreachersWord.


WordPress informs me that today is a special milestone for ThePreachersWord. Our 3000th post.

Wow! That’s incredible.

The idea of writing and publishing a daily blog wasn’t even on my radar 6 months before I began. The background for this blog’s birth is a story that’s never been told. I’m telling it now because I’ve learned a valuable lesson that is too important not to share.

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2 responses to “Turning Adversity Into A Benefit: How I began Blogging

  1. Brownie Reaves

    Ken, I have no doubt over the years of writing that you have affected many lives and your Philippians 4:8 attitude has been a blessing to many. I am one of the many! Thanks, and keep writing brother.


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