Turning Adversity Into A Benefit: How I began Blogging

WordPress informs me that today is a special milestone for ThePreachersWord. Our 3000th post.

Wow! That’s incredible.

The idea of writing and publishing a daily blog wasn’t even on my radar 6 months before I began. The background for this blog’s birth is a story that’s never been told. I’m telling it now because I’ve learned a valuable lesson that is too important not to share.

In 2011 I was approaching my 9 year anniversary with a congregation with whom I had enjoyed a good work. There had been a substantial numerical increase, and spiritual growth as well. The future ministry opportunities looked promising. Furthermore Norma Jean and I had developed close friendships in both the church and the community. It was a wonderful environment. I was 63 years old. I could see myself “riding into the sunset” with these brethren.

Then on Saturday, May 7, 2011, I learned something that totally changed the trajectory of our lives.

In my monthly meeting with the elders, I was informed they believed it was time for a change. I was assured that there was nothing that I had done wrong, or hadn’t done. They simply believed it would be good for the church to change preachers. My tenure would end on August 28, unless I wanted to leave earlier.

I was devastated. When I told Norma Jean she thought at first I was joking. The next few months were a challenging time for us. What were we going to do? Would we move? If so, where?

As I began exploring other full-time preaching opportunities, I learned many churches were looking for “a younger preacher.” In fact, the church I was leaving publically announced they would be seeking a young preacher. And they did. Younger? “I’m a young 63,” I thought.

By the end of August, nothing had materialized. So, we stayed in the same community, “waiting on the Lord” to see what direction to take. Over the next few months, I kept pretty busy holding meetings, preaching on an appointment basis, and filling in for local preachers.

As 2012 approached, there was nothing on the horizon. No offers. No prospects. I wondered, “Is this it? Am I being ‘turned out to pasture?”
While continuing to keep busy with meetings and appointment preaching, I needed something more to do. I thought about writing a blog. It would be a way to minister in the Word to a larger audience. So, on January 1, 2012, I published my first post.

Now, 10 years, 3 months, and 12 days later, I’m sending out post #3000. Over this time, ThePreachersWord has been read in over 200 countries and territories around the world.

We’ve written on a variety of themes. Both textual and topical. I estimate we’ve published from about 40 states and 10 countries over the years. As a result, some posts resemble a travel log. Plus we’ve shared personal stories involving birthdays, anniversaries, deaths, marriages, and of course the births of our grandchildren.

Our posts are categorized under 186 different topics for easy access and reference. In the 10+ years, we’ve had some series and special columns. The most popular is “It’s Friday. But Sunday’s coming.” It’s still widely used for communion talks.

WordPress says we’ve written 1,736,767  words. That’s equivalent to 34 books.

Over the years we’ve learned that posts from ThePreachersWord have been reprinted in bulletins. Published in newspaper articles. Posted on social media platforms. Printed and distributed to friends, relatives, and co-workers. Used as Wednesday evening talks. Served as seed thoughts for sermons. Become a resource for sermon illustrations. Reblogged on other blog sites. Quoted by fellow bloggers. And used as Bible class material.

Now all of this would have never happened except for an eldership decision in 2011.

For the record, I hold no ill-will toward that church or those elders. In fact, I can say with the apostle Paul “that the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel” (Phil. 1:12).

In addition to writing this blog, we’ve worked full-time with two other churches in two different states. Both provided wonderful opportunities for ministry where we’ve made life-long friends. For the past 4 years, we’ve been blessed to travel and combine many trips with preaching opportunities.

I’ve been reminded of an insight expressed by author Napoleon Hill this way: “Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” This is a lesson every preacher and every Christian needs to learn. Of course, it’s up to us to see the seed, seek the benefit and seize the opportunity.

I wish I could name all the people who were there for us during the difficult times. And in the ensuing years those who have supported us. Advised us. Encouraged us. Befriended us. Rejoiced with us. And have used us in the Lord’s Kingdom. You know who you are. Thank you very much.

I’m not really sure when our blogging days will end. But until that time, “unto God be the glory.”

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman



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24 responses to “Turning Adversity Into A Benefit: How I began Blogging

  1. Russ Robins

    Ken you have been a blessing to me every morning. I start my day with your blog. Thank you for your ministry to all of us. I look forward to #3001 and many more. I pray for God’s continued blessing on you and Norma in the years ahead and look forward to seeing you this summer.


  2. Peggy T Hobbs

    Ken, congratulations on your #3000 blog. Like Russ said in the above response, I too, have been encouraged by reading each one since I first learned about them. It’s been a blessing each day and I appreciate all the work you do. I pray you may have many more years to blog and encourage others. Thank you again and God’s richest blessings on you and Norma Jean.


  3. Mark Roberts

    You are such a good writer and have such a good attitude. What a blessing these 3000 posts have been – and I’m looking to 3000+ more!


  4. Norman Fultz

    Ken, “I marvel that you are so soon removed” into the 3000s territory. Guess it happened kinda like the old query, “How does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time.l” Congratulations. I frequently share a post with the church here, and occasionally post one to FB that I hope will prick the attention of someone in our newsfeed. Blessings to you and Norma. Norman


  5. Brenda Mero

    I remember back when you started the blog and have been blessed many times by your articles! So many times we are struck with unexpected twists and turns in life. I love hearing stories like yours of how God used it for good and all the blessings that came from that unplanned detour in our lives! I just imagine all the lives Norma Jean and you have touched (and those who’ve touched you as well) through your travels and blog! PS- completely on a side note our son, Matthew came home a few weeks ago from FC and said I’m preaching on the 17th at that congregation where we used to go to the great VBS every summer!


    • Thanks Brenda. I appreciate you reading my blog and taking time to comment from time to time.

      Yes we have been blessed

      Tell Matthew I am happy for him. Glad to hear he is having a preaching opportunity

      God bless


  6. Susan S Harrison

    Thank you for sharing your story, Ken. We truly do walk by faith and not by sight. The Lord knows our talents and how he wishes to hone, enhance and use them to his glory. (Even if we don’t understand why things are happening they way they do at times.) Would love to share with you a few of my “stories” next time we get together! ( I promise I’ll keep them short and sweet!) lol…..Give my love to sweet Norma Jean! Hope to see you both in the not too distant future! ((((((HUGS)))))) Love you both!!


    • Good to hear from you Suzi. You’re so right. Reminds me of the song farther along we will know all about it

      Yes next time we get together I would love to hear some of your stories. I know they will be interesting.

      Love ya
      God bless


  7. Ronald Kochik

    Brother Ken, I look forward to your blogs every morning and we use many of your blogs in our bulletin here in Montgomery. I’m amazed about everyday at the way the LORD blesses you with the ability to write what you write over your first cup of coffee in the morning. I can only explain as the Holy Spirit dwelling mightily in you!! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, encouragement and admonishment!! Hope you live to be 100 and write at least 3000 more blogs!!!


  8. Billie Mann

    Am so happy for you in your new adventure in life. Miss you guys. THe Manns💕

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


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  10. garyscottmoore

    I really enjoy reading your posts. We lost our full time preacher a year ago when he decided to move on. We have found it difficult to find a preacher. It seems there are more churches looking than available preachers. Do you have any recommendations that may help us in our search?


  11. Dennis Abernathy

    Thank you Ken. You do a great job. I have enjoyed reading many of your blogs. Keep it up. You are an encouragement to many people.


  12. Reblogged this on ThePreachersWord and commented:

    This April post was #3000 since I began blogging. It was also the 5th most read post from 2022. It tells the story how and why I began ThePreachersWord.


  13. Jefferson David Tant

    Ken, Good thoughts. I can sympathiaze with you about being “fired.” I was working with a church many years ago, and we grew from an attendance in the 50s to sometimes over 200, and had baptized 22 in my last year there, as I recall. Then one Sunday the elders called me in and fired me. What a shock! Some time later I learned that a deacon’s wife (the local gossip) told the elders that all the young couples were going to leave unless they fired me.
    My wife and I determined that we wanted to stay in the area, so set out to establilsh a new congreation in the metro area. That resulted in a 49-year work that then resulted in helping to establish two other new congregations.
    In later years, the elders that fired me apologized, as they realized they had been lied to, and they withdrew from the gossipy lady. In fact, who helped us start the new work? It was some of the young couples. So…adversity can turn out for an opportunity for good. — Yours and His, David Tant


  14. Peggy Hobbs

    Ken, I remember reading this blog back in April and found it to be as interesting and inspiring now as then. You have done a great work with the blog and I wish you and Norma Jean health and happiness in the coming year.


  15. tjyates59a6328895

    Dear Brother Ken,
    Your daily blogs have been a true blessing to me personally and I share them with others daily.
    I’ve also used content from your blogs during numerous Wednesday evening exhortations/invitations before Bible Class, and have and am using content from 10 different blogs based on the “One Another” passages for Our 4th Sunday Evening devotional services from November and for December.
    Thank You for these blessings and I thank the Lord for you and this blog. Please keep preaching the word Brother Ken!


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