Weekly Recap: March 13-18

Good  Morning from the Peachtree State

We’re on the way home after a 2 week trip to Denton, TX, and then to Branson, MO.   Somehow in between preaching in a meeting, spending time with friends, traveling, and seeing shows, we’ve been able to post every day.

Herre’s a recap on this past week’s post with the quick links so you can catch up in case you’ve missed one.

Tomorrow I’ll be preaching at the West Citrus Church in Crystal River.

Hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

God bless



Sunday Seed Thoughts: Redeeming The Time



Word of the Week: Holiness




Jesus’ Perscription for Worry




A Passage To Ponder: Psalm 35



What Does the  Bible Say About “Ethical Non-Monogamy”?



Friday’s List To Live By #77




BONUS POST:  With the beginning of March Madness, here’s a post from 7 years ago on this date that reminds of us 7 Lessons Christians Can Learn From the Sports World.


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